Life Before Becoming a Disney Fan vs. Life After

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Here’s a great blog from Oh My Disney.  This one had me smiling and agreeing with each point.

We can basically split our lives into two parts: BBDF and ABDF (Before Becoming a Disney Fan and After Becoming a Disney Fan). For some us the “before” only lasted until we were a few weeks old, for others it lasted for twenty years. Whatever the road we took to Disney fandom, we made it here (woo-hoo) and our lives will never be the same. Here’s a few examples of what we’re talking about:



BBDF: Delicious pillowy breakfast foods, preferably eaten with lots of maple syrup.
ABDF: An insult unless they are Mickey shaped.



BBDF: A type of cutlery, typically with three sharp prongs used to pick up and deliver food to the mouth.
ABDF: The only object cool people (and mermaids) use to brush their hair.



BBDF: Pesky rodents that go through the trash and have beady eyes that appear to see into your soul.
ABDF: Super cute pets that you want to cuddle.

“Let it Go”



BBDF: A slightly passive aggressive way to tell someone to chill out.
ABDF: Your personal anthem.



BBDF: Slightly ominous birds with black feathers and a majestic, if intimidating, wingspan.
ABDF: Jerks.

Singing in Public


BBDF: Frowned upon and socially awkward. Uncomfortable.
ABDF: An everyday occurrence because those songs just WILL NOT unstick themselves from your brain. EVER.



BBDF: Typically a two-day reprieve from work, meant for relaxation and recuperation.
ABDF: 48 hours of PARK TIME, BABY!

Lizzie McGuire


BBDF: That show that was on Disney Channel, maybe? It was a while ago…
ABDF: Potentially the most important television program of our era.



BBDF: Trusty companions that always make you smile.
ABDF: Trusty companions that always make you smile… and that you can hold up in the air and pretend they’re baby Simba and you’re Rafiki.

Being an Adult


BBDF: The time in life to settle down and be serious about one’s future.
ABDF: The time in life to remember that we’re all kids at heart.

What are some things that are different in your life now that you’re a Disney fan? Tell us in the comments!


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