As you may have heard, this week was the last week for the Sorcerer’s Hat at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It’s still there, but construction walls have gone up, and it’s going to be taken down. We went to see the hat for the last time (minus walls) on Tuesday. The word from the scene was mixed. There were a lot of people standing around, talking, taking pictures and video. A lot of people were sad, but some were very matter of fact about it. The Disney fan community is such a mixed bag of people, with so many opposing opinions and such. Some feel that the Hat was the iconic symbol of the Studios, and holds a lot of good memories for them and their families. Other feel that the Hat was an eye sore, and they wanted the Studios to get back to how it originally looked, before the hat went up. I truthfully can see if from both sides, I get what folks are saying.


For me and my family…. well, I think I will miss the Hat. However, I’m the type of person who doesn’t do change well. I always go with the flow, but I have a strong sentimental side too. I can think back over the years of great family photos that were taken by the Sorcerer’s Hat, fireworks displays that were had soaring over head, dance parties in front of the hat area, etc. Those are all good memories for me. As much as people are tired of the Frozen hype, I really did enjoy the Frozen Fireworks this past summer, they looked beautiful all around the hat. We went many times to see it. Let’s not forget the Sorcerer Hat merchandise, which will now be somewhat of a collectors item, being that the hat is leaving. I want to get the hat Alex and Ani bracelet before they’re gone too, but I digress! So, I do feel that many people, myself included, will have a special place in their heart for the beloved Sorcerer’s Hat. Now, on the flip side…. Classic Disney historians and such are glad the hat is leaving. Many missed the original look of the park, where when you walked into the park, you saw the Chinese Theater. It had the look and feel of classic Hollywood, it gave you a pinch of nostalgia. That was a good thing too. For now, it seems that the Theater where the Great Movie Ride is, will be the focal point at the end of the street. But, what’s to come next?


Hollywood Studios seems to be taking a lot away from guests. This past year, we lost the Backlot Tour, American Idol Experience, The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow, Wandering Oakens Trading Post (which wasn’t permanent), Syd Cahuenga’s (now a FastPass place) and now the Sorcerer’s Hat. That’s a lot. So far, we’ve gotten nothing in their places. So, what’s that mean for guests visiting the Studios? Well, right now, it leaves us with less things to do. However, being that so many attractions are closing, this means that good things are hopefully on the horizon. We have had many Main Streeters comment that they are unhappy with the direction the Studios have taken, and are hoping for more. I’m hoping for more too. We’ve heard talks of more Star Wars and Pixar attractions coming, and I hope that comes to be. The Studios has the room and platform for some great attractions for guests to enjoy, and I know I’m excited to see what’s coming next. Of course, we’ll be on top of it and let you all know as soon as we hear any confirmed news. So, as the Sorcerer’s Hat comes down, lets remember the good things that came with that, and look forward to whatever magic that Disney has up it’s sleeve going forward at the Studios! We’ll be watching and waiting! ~M

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