Charlie and His Reindeer Part 4

December 31, 2014 ,

Over the last few months on of TMSM’s New Zealand Members Sam wrote and shared a story with us about Santa’s Reindeer and their connections to Disney. We wanted to share these stories with you over the holiday season. Charlie and His Reindeer is a five part, 10 chapter story the we will be sharing with you over the next few days. Please remember when reading this the author was originally written on Sam’s cell phone, and that same is a 16 year old from New Zealand so some of their slang and word usage is different that ours here in the US.

10846457_10203218972211377_8983089443924775095_nCharlie and His Reindeer Part 4 by Guest Blogger Sam Pratley

Chapter Seven: The Halloween Party
the next few weeks were pretty standard, the trainees had now learned around half of the entire performance and had learned to nearly perfect it. It was a Friday morning and the trainees were excited because it was coming up on Halloween and their school was having a dress up day, Terra and Ebony never dressed up because they were used to being the only reindeer in the school, they were shocked to see Aqua walking towards them in a onesie, “you’re going to school wearing that?” Terra asked, “yeah” Aqua replied half turning to show it off, they heard jingling behind them, they turned to see Sparky and Reggie walking toward them, Sparky had painted his nose red and he was wearing a collar with bells, a big red bow and a mistletoe on his back, Reggie didn’t dress up. It was coming upon 8:30am and there was no sign of Charlie, Walt or Blaze so the other five headed off to school without them, they arrived at school to see an array of costumes, they saw Charlie talking to what looked like a reindeer human cross so they went over and saw that Steven had dressed up as a reindeer, “what’s next a reindeer dressed as a human?” Terra asked, “hey guys” Terra heard Blazes voice behind him and said “please, no”, he turned to see that Blaze hadn’t dressed up and let out a sigh of relief. That whole day no one saw Walt; they didn’t really notice he wasn’t there until one of them actually had a class with him. The day ended and the seven trainees walked back to the Magic Kingdom laughing and they had really enjoyed their day, they got to the usual training spot and saw Walt there watching the projected video of the Great Eight, Charlie went over to him and joked “hey, why weren’t you at school today? we had a dress up day and you could’ve come as a reindeer”, “I don’t know, I just thought that I needed some more training, so I’ve been here since the start of the day” “and he’s been doing very well, I have to say that I’m proud of Walt, he now knows most if not all of the performance” the human said as he entered the courtyard, he then continued on to say “I’m cancelling today’s practice and letting you all go to Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party, I think that you all deserve a day off from training”, the trainees were stoked to hear that they had permission to attend MNSSHP. Around 3:30pm the trainees had all dressed up as Disney characters, Terra and Aqua dressed up as the same named Kingdom Hearts characters, Walt dressed after the man he was named after, he looked all snazzy dressed up in a suit, Blaze and Ebony dressed up as Bambi and Faline, Sparky decided to go as Tod, Charlie decided to go as Dasher of the Great Eight, it was hard for the seven of them to dress up as their antlers would poke through any head gear. Reggie didn’t dress up but still went with the others to the party. They watched the opening Halloween parade and marveled at the vast array of Disney characters that the humans had dressed as, most of the females had dressed up as the Princess’, this was a new experience for all of the trainees, they were able to go on a huge amount of rides due to the increased line speed, as they were walking to their next ride they encountered Principal Atwood dressed as Cinderella and Mrs. Barnes who was Ariel, they were wearing the same badge that the Lovely Waitress wore, “hello trainees” “good evening Principle Atwood, good evening Mrs. Barnes” “oh please Charlie, no need for formalities, call me M and this is Aut, we’re both off our day jobs and now we’re here for our other job and having fun” “teachers aren’t meant to have fun” Blaze pointed out, “well actually, teaching isn’t really our job, M here runs the Main Street Mouse website and we’re here to do a blog about Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party” Aut replied, “you’re both wearing the same badge that Mairéad wore” “well done Spark, it appears that your level of observation is much higher than those of other reindeer” Reggie sarcastically, as he smacked his brother over the head, “oh so you’ve met Mairéad?” Aut asked inquisitively, “yeah, she was nice” “seriously bro, you’re going to have a bruised head by the end of the night if you don’t stop saying stupid things” Reggie threatened and/or joked, “random idea, would a few of you mind being interviewed for the website, we could have a post about the journey of a new breed of reindeer performers here at Walt Disney World” M pitched the idea with amazing success, Charlie Blaze Aqua and Walt all agreed to be interviewed the next day. A few more humans who wore the TMSM badge approached M and Aut, the reindeer decided to back off when M turned to them and said “Where are you lot going? we’d like to hang our for a while longer, come and introduce yourselves to these guys” she turned to her human friends and said “everyone, these are the new reindeer trainees that’ll be in the Christmas parades, introduce yourselves trainees” “hi I’m Sparky” “I’m Ebony” “I’m Terra” “I’m Aqua” “hey I’m Blaze” “uhhh hello I’m uh Walt” “sup Reggie’s the name” “that leaves me I’m Charlie and I’m these guys leader”, they recognized Mr. Tucker their dance/P.E teacher, learnt his real name was Corey and that he worked for M, “Are you going to perform in the end parade before the fireworks show?” the human called Beartie asked the trainees, “probably not but you could always come and see us in the Christmas parades” Charlie replied, “oh that’s a shame, I would’ve loved to see your dance before everyone else” said a human called Monica, “do you have autographs, could we get your autographs?” Asked another human, this time called Cindy, “uhh well I don’t, I don’t know about the others but I don’t, no” Blaze replied, the other reindeer all said no. “Why are we just standing here wasting time, let’s go on some rides and trick or treat” M said to everyone, they all replied “yeah” except Charlie who joked “I’m sorry talking to reindeer is a waste of time”. The rest of the night was filled with the trainees and the 10 or so humans going on as many rides as possible, they ended the night with them all standing on Main Street staring at the castle waiting for the fireworks show to start. Some of the reindeer  cried during the fireworks show because they were so happy to finally be apart of a much larger family and that they had finally realized that their dreams were coming true.

Chapter Eight: The Lost Brother
The reindeer went back to their housing at the end of the night/the start of the next day, they had parted with the humans with a few nice words and the hope that they’d see each other again, each of the trainees were given a TMSM badge to wear somehow and to show off whenever they performed in the parade. 6:48 was the time when Charlie woke up abruptly to a knock at his door and a familiar voice telling him to get up and to get out to the court for his interview, he then met up with Walt, Aqua and Blaze and they all walked to the court together to see M sitting there with a camera to record their conversation so that M could then post on the website. The time was 10:47 when they finally parted with M and headed to the nearest food place for breakfast, they passed the other trainees on the way. It was 12:29 when the reindeer finally all met up to train, they were all tired from the night before and weren’t performing at their usual level, “how do you lot expect to be in the parade with that kind of performance?” said a voice that was all too familiar to Charlie, “hello Alpha” he replied with disdain as he turned to face the unwanted visitor, “why all the hate bro?” “You have no right to call me ‘bro’ after what you did” “what I did was for the best, you know how mom and dad were about us and what we wanted” “ahem” Ebony interrupted the twos argument “you going to introduce us Char?” “Why, you all know who this is, this is the big, great and almighty Alpha” Charlie replied sarcastically, “thanks for the complement bro” “don’t call me that, you’re not my brother” Charlie said angrily as he turned and walked off. “What happened between you two?” Terra asked, “that’s a….story for another time” Alpha replied still looking off in the direction that Charlie went, “ah I see you’ve all met Alpha” said the human as he entered the court “well they would’ve had to eventually, you did set this up James” the trainees didn’t actually know the humans name until now “your name is James?” Sparky asked narrowly avoiding his brothers hoof from hitting his head, “yes my name is James, where’s Charlie, I thought he’d be the happiest to his brother?” “He left after we had a…………chat” Alpha said turning to the direction Charlie had gone “where are the others?” He continued to ask James, “we’re all here” Ebony answered, “no no, he means the rest of the Great Eight” James replied, “wait what, the rest of your group is here, in Walt Disney World?” Blaze asked with disbelief, “well their not my group, Rudolf’s the leader of the group” “got that right” Rudolf said as he entered the court, the trainees all squealed with a mixture of shock, joy and amazement, “is it just you Ru?” Alpha asked his teammate, “yeah, the others are all doing….other…..things, I came looking for you and I see you found the new trainees” Rudolf replied, the trainees were still in awe, “hehehe they remind me of us last year when we got to meet the Great Eight that came before us”, “yeah and you were the first to get over them” “well I was standing in front of my dad, it’s not that big of a deal” “it would be for Charlie” Alpha said under his breath, “what?” Rudolf asked, “I have to go, I’ll catch up with you guys later” Alpha said with a thoughtful look on his face as he ran off to find his brother, “guess that leaves you lot with me” Rudolf said to the still silent trainees. Charlie kicked a stone with his hoof as he walked passed all the happy families, his thoughts were in the past, back to when him Alpha and their parents were an actual family before…his thoughts were interrupted when he walked straight into another reindeer, “oh sorry I didn’t see you there” Charlie said still looking down, “hey Alph where ya…….you’re not Alpha, you look so much like him, you must be Charlie”, at this point Charlie decided to look up and he nearly fell over as he saw that the reindeer’s face was right up to his to face, “hi, and you are?” “I’m Kidd, and this is Asher and Bit”, it took Charlie a second to finally realize who he was actually talking to, “oh, you’re Alphas friends” “yeah and you’re Alphas brother” Asher said, “no I’m not” Charlie said, his gaze pointed downwards, “Walk with us” Asher insisted as Bit left them. Asher, Kidd and Charlie started to walk around the Magic Kingdom, “is Alpha, you know, as good as they say?” Charlie asked, “better” Kidd replied, “not just at dancing, but also at “strategizing”” Asher added. The three of them walked in silence for a while, until they heard their names being called from behind, they turned to see Rudolf and the other trainees coming towards them, “hey, Ru, trainees” Asher greeted them as they caught up, “Alphas looking for you Char” Walt said nearly out of breath, “pfft, he can keep looking, why are the Great Eight even here?” Charlie asked, “You know Char, having a brother isn’t the worst thing in the world, even if they can be incredibly annoying, at the end of the day they are still your blood and relation, I know I’ve never said it but, Spark is the only brother id ever want or need” Reggie said almost in tears, “same with me and Jay, sure he can be; obnoxious, stinky, gross, hard to talk to, impatient, arrogant, annoying” “yeah we get the point sis” “Even if he can be all those things, I wouldn’t trade him in for anybody, you only get one of each brother, whenever they do something wrong, you always seem to find a way to forgive them” Sky said as she put her arm around her brother, Charlie was still silent and avoided everyone’s gaze, “what happened between the two of you that caused you to hate him for so long……how long have you actually been angry at him?” Asher asked, “eight years, I’ve been angry at Alpha for the last eight years” Charlie replied with an uncertain look on his face “I’ve got some business that needs to be taken care of, I’ll catch up with you all later” he continued as he ran off.
*Story and pictures by Sam Pratley

About Sam (by Aut)
Sam is one of the member’s of TMSM’s Facebook group TMSM Fan Nation.  Sam is in school in Dunedin New Zealand and is one of the many members of the Nation that lives outside of the United States that contributes to threads and topics regularly adding to the “wonderfulness” of the Nation.

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