Charlie and His Reindeer Part 3

December 30, 2014 ,

Over the last few months on of TMSM’s New Zealand Members Sam wrote and shared a story with us about Santa’s Reindeer and their connections to Disney. We wanted to share these stories with you over the holiday season. Charlie and His Reindeer is a five part, 10 chapter story the we will be sharing with you over the next few days. Please remember when reading this the author was originally written on Sam’s cell phone, and that same is a 16 year old from New Zealand so some of their slang and word usage is different that ours here in the US.

charlieCharlie and His Reindeer Part 3 by Guest Blogger Sam Pratley

Chapter Five: The Lovely Waitress
Reggie got settled into the trainee life pretty quickly and even after the human had expressed his disapproval of it, he was impressed at how good it looked with eight of them doing it together, they had only learned a small bit of the entire performance but they had mastered it with near perfection, the human thought that if he was teaching them he’d get them to learn the whole thing at once and then work on perfecting it afterward because he was scared that the trainees wouldn’t be able to learn it all in the time that they have if they were to keep learning at the pace they were now, although he didn’t speak up because he believed in them. It was around 5pm when the human arrived at the court where the trainees were training, he gathered them all up and said “well done trainees it seems that I was wrong about having an eighth member, also I’m proud of what you’ve accomplished so far with your training, in celebration I’d like to shout you all a meal at my favorite restaurant, it’s got this lovely waitress there that everyone just loves to have serve them but she’s really popular so we might not get to have the wonderful pleasure of having her, c’mon”. The Trainees followed the human towards Epcot and onto the UK then they arrived at the Rose and Crown, “welcome trainees to the Rose and Crown, home of the greatest waitress in all Walt Disney World, please find a seat and I’ll see if she’s available and can serve us” the human said as they entered. The reindeer sat down at a table close to the back of the room, they noticed the stares that they were getting from other humans, then all the humans erupted into cheers and clapping as a female human entered from the kitchen, she walked over to the trainees as the other human sat down, she spoke in an accent that shocked the reindeer, but in a good way, “what would you gentle.reindeer have tonight, I’m sorry this is my first time serving reindeer and this is my last day here, in fact you’ll be the last ones I serve” she said as the other humans in the restaurant booed at the fact that she was leaving, “Seems to me like you’ll be greatly missed, some may say that Walt Disney World may never seem as bright without you here” the trainees looked at Charlie with shock “what, can’t a reindeer be friendly and nice to a human every once and a while”, the female looked flattered, “ok what will you have?” she asked. The reindeer enjoyed their meal which consisted of all vegetation but they mostly enjoyed the company of the female waitress, they heard her name being called and she went back into the kitchen, around ten minutes later she came out to the same round of applause that the humans gave her, the reindeer joined in in celebrating her last day even though she didn’t want to leave. She walked back over to the trainees and sat with them and said “the boss has let me off early so I thought I could hang out with you lot, as the final few hours of my Walt Disney World life end” she said with sadness. It was around 7pm now and they had a few hours to kill. Around 11pm the park was closed to the general public but the reindeer were still having fun with the female, “Thank you so much trainees, I wish I could see you guys finish off your training and see the final parade but I can’t. I’ll see if I can make it back to see it but if I can’t id like to wish you all good luck” she said as she walked off into the distance, the trainees were sad to see her go “she was nice” Sparky stated, “thanks for pointing out the obvious ‘Sherlock'” Reggie said as he hit his brother over the head.

Chapter Six: Teamwork
The next day was just a plain old day for Charlie and the others, it was last period, Charlie had chemistry, he sat at the back of the class with Steven, “uggghhhh, chemistry is so boring” Charlie said having his feet resting on his desk and his chair leaning back against the wall, “Charlie can I see you after class” the teacher said, “ugh” he complained. The class was over and everyone had left, Charlie was still seated and he saw Sparky and Reggie waiting at the door, the teacher gestured him up to the board, “you know I taught your brother Charlie” “What does he have to do with me staying after class?” “Everything, you remind me of Alpha in every way” “why does a reindeer even need to learn chemistry?” Charlie asked, “hahaha, he asked the same thing, have you ever heard of the reindeer named Oliver?” The teacher replied, “uuhhhh no”, “well he is the top most highly commended.” “Can I go now sir, I really don’t care about some reindeer whatever” Charlie interrupted, “ok fine, see you Monday”, “yeah whatever”, Charlie said as he rushed out the door to meet Sparky and Reggie, “Dude! I didn’t know that your brother was Alpha” Sparky said with shock, “yeah, well he is, please don’t tell the others, it’s something I don’t want to advertise”, “hey, don’t worry mate you can trust us” Reggie replied bumping his elbow against Charlie. The walk to the Magic Kingdom was silent apart from the sound of their hooves on the stone as they walked and the noise from the large crowds everywhere. It was around 4pm when they got to the Magic Kingdom, they didn’t hear music as they approached the training site, they rounded the corner to see the other trainees standing in one corner all talking to each other, Blaze was the first to see the Charlie and the others, he alerted the others, they all turned to face the late reindeer, they all just stood there staring at each other, the five of them stared at the other three with disappointment until Sparky pointed to Charlie and said “it’s Charlie’s fault, he got held in in chemistry for speaking up” his brother looked at him angrily, hit him over the head and said “nice going doofus”, “also his brother is Alpha”, this time Reggie punched his brother over. “We already knew that Spark” Ebony stated, “wait what?” Charlie was shocked that the others knew,
“Yeah, we’ve known this whole time” Blaze said, “why didn’t anyone say anything”, “because no one actually cares” Terra said very blatantly, “oh” Charlie said with some disappointment. The human then arrived to see the eight trainees standing around doing nothing but chatting “Again! Again I find you lazy slackers standing around not doing your training, if you guys don’t want this just say so and stop wasting our time” at this point the human was very mad at the reindeer, “it’s my fault, I’m the one that got held back in class, Spark and Reg just waited for me, I shouldn’t we have made them miss training too, I shouldn’t’ have spoken up in class and I should’ve just done the work and then have come here to train, I’m sorry I stopped the rest of you from training, I take full responsibility” all the reindeer lowered their heads as Charlie spoke up with his head also lowered, this was the first time Charlie had taken any responsibility in his life. After a long pause the human finally said “yes it is all your fault Charlie and because of that, I was thinking about letting you all have tomorrow off but now I won’t, but, a positive to you finally taking responsibility is that you all now have your lead reindeer, congrats Charlie. Since you’ve practically wasted half the evening, you can have the rest of the night off, but! I want you all up by 4am tomorrow to make up for the lost hours” then the human walked off angrily to leave the trainees to do whatever they wanted. The trainees were just standing there, unsure how they should be feeling, they weren’t sure if they should be angry at Charlie for stopping them from having a free day or whether they should be happy to finally have a leader “well I suppose we should enjoy this time off while we have it, after all, we no longer have tomorrow off” Aqua said staring angrily at Charlie. The reindeer spent the rest of the evening going on rides but some of them didn’t enjoy the time off as much as they should have.


*Story and pictures by Sam Pratley

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