Asher and the Reindeer Part 4

December 26, 2014 ,

Over the last few months on of TMSM’s New Zealand Members Sam wrote and shared a story with us about Santa’s Reindeer and their connections to Disney. We wanted to share these stories with you over the holiday season. Charlie and His Reindeer is a five part, 10 chapter story the we will be sharing with you over the next few days. Please remember when reading this the author was originally written on Sam’s cell phone, and that same is a 16 year old from New Zealand so some of their slang and word usage is different that ours here in the US.

10245416_1480885852124549_1811885619700474088_nAsher and the Reindeer Part 4 by Guest Blogger Sam Pratley

Chapter Six: A Dark And Stormy Night
Comet, Prancer, Asher, Kidd and Bit met up with Dancer, Cupid, Cyrus and Alpha outside Sleeping Beauty castle, dark clouds loomed over the horizon, “where are the other trainees?” Dancer asked, “last I heard, Jay and Sky were just walking around the park, no word from Rudolf” Alpha answered, “I’m here” a familiar voice said, Asher turned to see Rudolf walking towards them with his father “sorry you lot, guess I forgot to inform you on where you’ll be staying” Dasher apologized, “well while we wait for Sky and Jay, would it be easier for us to be in contact with each other if we all had earpieces like yourselves” “Ash got some smarts” “what’s your problem with me Cyrus, in fact what’s your problem with anyone, first thing you said to Kidd was ‘aren’t you a big boy?’ That’s a horrible first thing to say, now you can’t even get my name right” lightning flashed in the sky “I was joking Asher, that’s what I do, I joke around” “well you don’t have to be so mean about it, this is the place where you don’t want to lose friends because of some petty joke, lay off the jokes or get chopped, I don’t want you on this team if your just going to insult everyone”, Cyrus retaliated “Who made you leader!?” “Well Rudolf isn’t doing a good job of it!” “REINDEER!!!!, calm yourselves, look here come Jay and Sky, let’s go to your quarters and have a good nights sleep and wake up tomorrow with a happy attitude and let’s try this again” Dasher said angrily.
Sky and Jay both apologized for being late, the trainees said their good byes to the Great Eight then Dasher lead them to a building backstage of Disneyland, he told them that that was where they’d be saying, and left them to get settled in, as they parted Dasher, a storm started. Asher reached his room within the complex and got settled in, he didn’t have a lot of stuff with him, none of them did, and just the backpack they carried with them. Lightning flashed overhead as Bit entered the room, “You my room mate?” Asher asked, ” yep, you, me, Alpha and one more” “Alpha seemed nice, but you scared him off” at that point Alpha walked through the door, “speak of the devil” Asher said, Bit went quiet as he strolled to his room which was off the main one. Alpha asked, “You two were talking about me?” “Well I was, Bit doesn’t talk at all” “ah, what room do you want?” “Doesn’t mind me, you pick one and I’ll take another one”. Four bedrooms and one bathroom were off the main living room “wait if there’s three of us and four bedrooms, who’s our last roomy” “that would be me” Jay said as he walked through the door, Bit popped his head out of his room to see who it was and then back into his room without a word. “Well I’m going to bed, night all” “night Alpha” Asher and Jay replied, Jay asked, “Do you mind if I take this room?” He pointed to the one closest to the bathroom “No go ahead, that leaves thus last one mine” he entered the room closest to Bits and threw his bag onto the bed and then collapsed on top of it “what a day” he said to himself with exhaustion, thunder boomed over head as he got into bed for a good nights sleep. A storm raged over Disneyland.

Chapter Seven: Another Free Day.
The storm had cleared before the trainees awakened, the eight of them headed to the front of the building and saw Dasher waiting outside “Morning’ trainees, today is your last day before we get down to the hard work, now the park will be opened today so it will be busy so please please stay together, to ensure no one gets lost in the crowd we’ve taken up Asher’s idea, here is an earpiece for each of you, now it is set just for your frequency so you won’t here any of our chats, please don’t change it, it’s a hassle to change back, anyway, go have fun on your last day of freedom” Dasher walked off leaving the trainees to ponder over what they’d do. Asher began to head off with Kidd and Bit on his tail when “Asher!” he turned around with a large sigh “Rudolf” “what was with that thing you said yesterday?” “What thing?” “Cyrus said something and you said that I wasn’t doing a good job of it” “oh that yeah uh, he asked who made me leader and I said that you weren’t doing a good job of it, I uhh implied that you were the leader, we do need one and since your Dashers son it only makes sense that you would…..” “You want me to be leader, what happened to ‘he only gets it for being alive'” Asher turned to the six other reindeer and said “guys and Sky, we need a leader I say it should be Rudolf, raise your hoof if you agree” five reindeer raised their hoofs, all but Bit agreed with it, “well that’s sorted then, good on ya Rudolf, leader of the trainees, now what?” Asher asked.
Rudolf lead his group into the streets of Tomorrowland which was packed just like the rest of DL, as soon as they entered Central Plaza in which the lands of DL extended from they were swamped with humans yelling out the Great Eights names “they must think we’re the Great Eight” Asher yelled over the screaming humans, the trainees managed to escape the horde of crazy humans and head into Adventureland, “oh great leader, walking is fun and all but are we going to do something that’s actually fun, you know like riding the rides” Cyrus insinuated, Rudolf responded “well do you y’all want to ride some rides?” “Yes” they all said in unison “meet back here in 3 hours, if anyone gets lost remember we have our earpieces to talk to each other”. Asher, Kidd and Bit headed to POTC first and rode that a few times, they realized that humans didn’t mind the presence of giant talking reindeer on two legs as they walked over to splash mountain, the three of them rode it a heap of times and got absolutely drenched. They decided to dry out their coats with a walk around the park, on occasion they passed a fellow trainee, be it a reindeer or some other form of being. Asher then clicked his earpiece and talked to all the other reindeer trainees “uh guys, and Sky, we have no way of telling the time, how are we supposed to know when to meet up?”, Rudolf then said “I’ll contact y’all through my earpiece when we need to head back, does anyone want to see the parade?” No one answered because they were having too much fun, Bit and Kidd decided to head over to DCA to dry out on the Sun Wheel.
Asher was left alone to walk around, we was walking past the carousel in Fantasyland when he heard his name “Asher wait up” he turned to see Alpha walking toward him “hey Alpha” “wow your wet” “yeah, me, Bit and Kidd rode splash mountain a heap of times” “where are they?” “They went over to DCA, what have you been doing?” “Just riding some rides with Rudolf and Cy, you seem less agitated around them today, did something happen last night that changed how you viewed them?” “What, oh, ah nah, I just took Dashers advice, today is a new day” “fair enough”. Asher and Alpha walked around for a bit, Asher dried off in no time in the heat, they were walking in silence until Alpha asked “hey, you want to head over to DCA, see if we can find Bit and Kidd or at least some thrill ride to go on?” “Sure”, they went over to DCA and headed to Paradise Pier and saw Kidd and Bit talking to some humans, “Kidd, Bit heeeyyyyy!” Asher yelled out to the two trainees, they turned round and started to walk towards to them when a voice could be heard through everyone’s earpieces “alright lady and gents time for us to meet up, sorry but our free life is now over, meet up outside DTD monorail station”. The trainees assembled near the monorail station as it was getting dark, “well I hope everyone had a fun last day of freedom, lets get something to eat then head back to our rooms” Rudolf commanded, they then entered the Rainforest Café for a meal, they all ordered the vegetarian meals “how can humans eat meat knowing it was once alive?” Kidd asked, Jay replied, “Humans are a weird species” everyone laughed as they ate their salads. “I’m full” Sky said as her brother rudely belched after the meal, the trainees then headed back to their apartments. Bit went to bed as soon as he reached his room “why doesn’t he talk to anyone?” Jay questioned, “he talks to me, but that’s because he trusts me, he talks to those he trusts” Asher responded, he continued “good night guys, it’s time for me to hit the hay, training starts tomorrow”, “night Asher” Alpha and Jay said together.
*Story and pictures by Sam Pratley

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