Easy To Make Mickey Ornament

It’s Christmas time. The most wonderful time of the year! My family and I have been collecting Disney Christmas ornaments for the past 20 years and can proudly say that our entire tree is filled with Disney ornaments with plenty to spare.

I have never attempted to make my own Disney Christmas Ornament before. We’ve always just gone to Downtown Disney the day we put up our tree and each of us would pick out a new ornament. That’s how our collection grew. Our tree is full of Disney memories and I think it’s about time we start making some of those memories by hand.

My kids love to do crafts and this looks like something my two older ones would enjoy doing. I found images of this craft all over Google so I went ahead and made my own instructions for it. So grab your crafting gear and let’s get started!

What You Need

Red Ball Ornament
Black Sharpie or Paint Marker
2 White Buttons
Hot Glue Gun
Plastic cup


Place Red Ornament in the plastic cup. Use the cup as a guide to draw a black line with your sharpie/marker and then fill in below the line with the black sharpie/marker. Once the black is filled in and the ink is completely dry, apply the white buttons with a hot glue gun. That’s it. Super simple Mickey inspired ornament!

Photo Credit: Google Images, awdreyh.blogspot.com, http://indulgy.com/
Article by Janel Adani

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