Asher and the Reindeer Part 2

December 24, 2014 ,

Over the last few months on of TMSM’s New Zealand Members Sam wrote and shared a story with us about Santa’s Reindeer and their connections to Disney. We wanted to share these stories with you over the holiday season. Charlie and His Reindeer is a five part, 10 chapter story the we will be sharing with you over the next few days. Please remember when reading this the author was originally written on Sam’s cell phone, and that same is a 16 year old from New Zealand so some of their slang and word usage is different that ours here in the US.

10486473_1498324533714014_449743336203684108_nAsher and the Reindeer Part 2 by Guest Blogger Sam Pratley

Chapter Two: The Great Eight.
Dasher led the way into the building followed by the trainees; they were led into a large room, which Asher guessed was another audition room of some kind. There were some reindeer sitting at one end of the room, Dasher went over to them and it became clear to everyone who they were “Everyone, this Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Doner and Blitzen, the other seven of the Great Eight”, everyone’s eyes lit up with shock and awe, they all knew who the Great Eight were, they were just amazed that they were seeing them in the flesh. The Great Eight all stood up and strode over to the newly anointed trainees, who just stood there, still in awe of the greatness that stood before them. “Well, introduce yourselves” Dasher commanded. The trainees still just stood there. Dasher sighed, “Fine I’ll do it, guys this is Asher, Sky, Alpha, Jay, Cyrus, Bit, Kidd and my son Rudolf”. But there was still no word from the trainees.
Rudolf was the first to get over the hype “well this is fun, us just standing here staring at each other……….can we just get to practicing now, we do have little time before we have to replace the Great Eight” “I see he has your leadership” Comet remarked, “talent too” Dasher implied as he left the room followed by everyone else.

Chapter Three: The Parade.
Dasher led them out the back onto a larger court and then out into the large walkways of Fantasyland, the park was closed today for the introduction of the new trainees to the Christmas fantasy parade and their mentors and for a tour around the park. The mentors lead all their trainees to the side of the path ways and told them to stay there, then the music started, the Christmas Fantasy parade started, at each of the different character section, the respective trainees would start to follow along side them to study and watch them, Asher watched as the different humans and other beings followed along side their respective mentors, he heard Cyrus’s voice “hey I’m Cy” Asher turned to see him talking to some trainee snowmen who were waiting for their mentors who they’d replace eventually, just like every other trainee there, the snowman replied “hi I’m Olaf”. Asher stopped listening at this point because he couldn’t give two hoofs about Cy. Bit came up behind him silently and said “we’re up next, see, there’s the second Christmas tree” just as Bit had said, the second tree rolled past and the Great Eight came into view. Asher firstly noticed that Rudolf was following beside his fathers actions with near perfection, Sky and Jay followed him, studying Prancer and Vixen, Asher went up to them and asked “hey I’m Asher, do you two want to be the second row?” “well it doesn’t matter to me as long I’m with Sky” “speak for yourself, we all know Rudolf there will get a front spot and I want to be up there with him” “but sis, we’re inseparable aren’t we, weren’t you the one who requested me to be accepted because we’re inseparable?” Asher decided to back off at this point and chose to walk at the back with Bit, following along side Doner and Blitzen. By this point they were going down Main Street and had done around seven run throughs of their performances, the Christmas Fantasy song was now stuck in Asher’s head which he didn’t mind as he knew he’d hear it a snow-zillion times before he himself was replaced.

*Story and pictures by Sam Pratley

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Sam is one of the member’s of TMSM’s Facebook group TMSM Fan Nation.  Sam is in school in Dunedin New Zealand and is one of the many members of the Nation that lives outside of the United States that contributes to threads and topics regularly adding to the “wonderfulness” of the Nation.

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