Behind The Camera…Early Days Of Disney Animation

December 19, 2014 , , ,

I’m a big fan of how things are made in Hollywood.  I love to see and learn how they did things in creating film. The things they did before CGI are amazing.  Walt was a pioneer in this industry.  He did things with the cameras that no one else had even dreamed of.  When he worked for the Kansas City Film Ad Company, Walt and Ub Iwerks borrowed a camera from the owner of the company.  The two men experimented and learned how to do things to mix live action with animation, and the rest is history.

The video below was posted on Disney Insider blog today. I’ve seen a lot of video of Walt over the years, but there is a segment in this video I had never seen before.  On one side of the screen, you see part of the short Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip with Mickey and Pete.  One the other side of the screen you can see  Walt and Billy Bletcher voicing Mickey and Pete.  To me this is fascinating to see. To actually see Walt talking as Mickey, then to see how animated Billy got as Pete, shows the enthusiasm these men had with their creations. Enjoy this walk down Disney memory lane.

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