Make Your Own Baymax Mech Ornament

December 15, 2014 , ,

Make Your Own Baymax Mech Ornament by Guest Blogger Camela Campbell

Solid Red Ornament
Black Permanent Marker
White Paint (or nail polish)

1- Paint 2 circles about the size of your pink finger and about an inch apart on the top half of your ornament. (I didn’t have have white pain so I used nail polish.)

2- Connect the top half of the circles to make the mask shape. Fill in completely.

3- Let the white paint dry completely either by allowing it to sit, or use a blow dryer to aid in the drying process.

1 4- Use the permanent marker to make a small dot a bit inside the center of each circle. Then draw a line between the two dots.

5- Hang on your Christmas tree and bask in the craft glow of your Baymax ornament.


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