Don’t Be “That Guy” at Disney ~ Holiday Edition!

December 14, 2014


It’s been a few weeks, so it’s time for our latest round of our popular blog series, “Don’t Be That Guy at Disney!” The parks are much busier now being that it’s the Christmas Season, and I’m telling you, “that guy” is running rampant everywhere you look! We got Main Streeter suggestions on this one, as usual, and just remember, this series of blogs is all in good FUN and not meant to offend anyone! When you read these, you’ll either say to yourself “I know that guy” or….. “Wow, I am TOTALLY that guy!” So, without further delay, let’s talk about “that guy (or girl)” at Disney during the Holidays!

1. Feet in the Street Guy ~ This guy, or girl, feels the need to ignore Cast Member orders when they instruct guests to keep their feet and legs out of the street during parades. This guy decides he’s going to sit on the curb and stretch out into some yoga positions, just as the parade starts rolling by. Not only is this dangerous for the performers, as they could trip and hurt themselves, this “guy” could also get run over and that’s not a good thing. Stay on the curb so no one gets hurt!

2. Scammers of the Magic Kingdom Card Guy ~ I forgot about this one until a Main Streeter mentioned it to me today! On Holiday Party nights, this guy will try to work the system and get as many of the limited edition Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom cards that he can. Why, you ask? Because they turn around and sell the cards on Ebay for up to $50 a pop! I’ve seen grown adults try to bargain with kids to give up their cards too, it’s really something! The MK only gives you one of each for a reason, it’s a collectors item, not a money maker. I’ve heard people say how they do it, but I’ve never done that myself. Guilty conscience I suppose. Just take the card and be thankful that you got one, don’t scam the system! And if you miss out on the cards, they always have leftovers after the season passes that they give out, so don’t worry!

3. Photo Pass Line Cutter Guy ~ It’s Christmas time, and we all would like a picture of our family in front of the lit up Castle or a pretty Disney Christmas tree! But…. some feel their Holiday Magic is a bit more important than yours, and cuts in front of the line for photo opportunities. Yes, we all want pictures, but waiting in line and being courteous to others should be part of the experience too! Just wait like the rest of us, and don’t be that guy!

4. Parade Pusher Guy ~ Who doesn’t love a parade? At Disney, we all do! Parade pusher guy will push and shove their way to the curb just to be front and center for the passing parade. This guy will also push children, as well as adults, out of the way to reach their goal. There is room for all of us to see the parade at some place in the park. Either get there early, or stand behind someone. Elbows in, no need to hurt someone just to see a float go by!

5. Paparazzi Character Yeller Guy ~ Have you seen (or heard) this guy? Let me explain. This guy will stand on the side of the Parade route and SCREAM each characters name as they go by in order to get attention for himself. Not only is this annoying, it’s rude and ruins the experience for everyone around him or her. It reminds me of when you watch TMZ or something, and you see Paparazzi screaming at Brad Pitt….. “Brad, Brad, look here Brad!!” Except is’t “Mickey, Mickey, OVER HERE MICKEY!!” If you’re trying to get video, oh man, you might as well forget it if you’re by this guy. As Captain Jack would say… “oh shut it”…. and don’t be that guy!

6. The Stand Up Comedian Guy ~ Another one that was suggested by Main Streeters, is the loud guy who cracks jokes and comments during the shows and such. This guy finds himself to be more entertaining than the performers, and louder than any microphone that they’re using, and is determined to prove that to us. The performers have a job to do, please let them do it! Don’t be that guy!

7. Kid on the Shoulders Guy ~ Overwhelmingly this guy is the most complained about lately among Disney social circles. While I agree with people, I almost didn’t add this guy to the blog because of the strong argument people have on both sides of the fence. So, kid on the shoulders guy does just that… gets to the front of a crowd, whether it’s for the Castle show, parade, fireworks… and puts their kid on their shoulders blocking the view from those behind them. With Elsa lighting the Castle this year, this has become a HUGE problem for guests. Some of us have kids that are too big to put on our shoulders, but too small to see, so they don’t get a view. Others don’t have small kids at all and get to their spot hours ahead of time, yet get their view blocked by this guy. It’s just common courtesy. Yes, we all want to see, kids included. I do think a better solution would be to pick up small kids and hold them to your eye level, put them on your hip. This way, the child can see and so can others behind you. Seems easy enough! A little courtesy can go a long way, and prevent hostility at the Happiest Place on Earth!

8. The Make A Wish Grinch ~ This guy, I can’t even fathom, but it does happen, and DID happen to a Main Street family. One of our readers was on a Make A Wish trip with their family, including their precious boy who is in a wheelchair. The CM’s cleared a parade spot for this sweet pea so he could see the parade. Well, the “Grinch” guy/girl we’re speaking of, took it upon herself to stand if front of this family. When asked to move, she said some despicable things towards the child that we’re speaking of. It breaks my heart to repeat it, so I won’t. Regardless, please, when you see families like this, remember to count your blessings and be thankful that YOU aren’t on one of these trips. As much as we complain about things in our daily lives, we should be grateful for our health and the health of those we love. Any extra kindness we can extend for Make A Wish families should be done, if you ask me. For the love of Christmas…. please don’t be that guy!

Well, that’s it for the Christmas edition of “Don’t Be That Guy at Disney.” I fully realize that no one is perfect, and sometimes we forget to use our manners and keep others in mind. I’ve been “that guy” a time or two also, I think we all have. In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, lets try to remember the good parts of why we all love Disney, and that the season over all is about love and kindness towards each other. We all want to have a good time at Disney, being courteous to others can help make everyone’s trip that much better! If you have seen “that guy” in the Parks and want to share your story, please do! Your suggestion could make a future blog! Thanks for reading as always! Until next time….. Merry Christmas, and don’t be that guy! ~M

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3 thoughts on “Don’t Be “That Guy” at Disney ~ Holiday Edition!”
  1. Along the lines of the “kid on shoulders” guy…. LEAVE THE GO PRO AT HOME!!!! I find nothing more annoying than the go PRO sticks waiving in the air during the cattle shows. IPads are a pain too, but that’s probably a lost battle….

    1. A positive “That guy” There I was behind the construction walls watching fireworks at the castle. There was a guy with a GoPro on a stick right up against the wall with the camera just peeking over it filming. He wasn’t blocking the traffic lane and wasn’t blocking the sight line.
      Me on the other hand have a thing for a particular cast member who portrays Merida. She is a consummate performer and spends the time required to make each guest special, not just feel special. The curtain was closed and I approached the guards to find out if she was on stage. I showed my t-shirt from my last trip with Merida and me. It was her on stage. They let me in for a grand reunion. That same trip during the parade I pointed at my shirt when she passed, no yelling, no hand waving, but I still managed to attract her attention and get a wave and a smile.

  2. Recently I was in the Monsters Laugh Floor and we know how they love to put the audience on the screen. Don’t be the guy who makes vulgar suggestions on camera for small children to ask their parents about…

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