6 Tips To Decorate Your Home Like Disneyland This Holiday

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‘Tis the season for holiday decorations and the Disneyland Resort does the most spectacular job at decking the halls. Their decorations are always so creative and festive, which makes them the perfect inspiration for your own holiday decor. If you’re looking to bring a bit of the magic into your own home, we put together this holiday guide to help you decorate like the Disneyland Resort.

Disneyland Park – Main Street, U.S.A.


When we think of Christmas, we think of Main Street, U.S.A.’s decorations. Main Street, U.S.A.’s decor is that classic holiday style that we all know and love. Think lots of red, green and gold, and garland everywhere. Even though the decorations are traditional, the entrance to Disneyland is far from boring. Here’s some of our favorite ways that you can put a unique Disney spin on the classic Main Street, U.S.A. decor:

Tip #1: Incorporate Hidden Mickeys: One of the standout decorations are the Mickey-shaped wreaths. You can easily DIY your own with wreaths bought at a local craft store, or even put your own spin on them like this Mickey holiday wreath!


Tip #2: Find Your Signature Item: Since your color scheme is set with red, green, and gold, find a something that puts your own touch on your decor. On Main Street U.S.A., you can find a musical motif, with bells on the overhead garlands, and trumpets in the wreaths. You could add in candy canes, snowflakes, or whatever speaks to you. 

Disney California Adventure – Buena Vista Street


The 1920’s setting of Buena Vista Street. lends itself beautifully to some throwback holiday decorations. There’s lots of shiny tinsel, glass ornaments, and oversized bows, bells, and boughs of holly. It’s the perfect theme for those who love all things vintage, or just love the classic Christmas style from holidays past. And it’s actually really easy to capture that holiday spirit in your home, too:

Tip #3: Upcycle Your Holiday: Since Buena Vista St. is filled with vintage style decorations, there’s. Instead of looking for decorations at your local store, try your local thrift store or vintage store. They’re stocked up with ornaments and more this time of year, so you can find some really unique items.


Tip #4: Play Up the Nostalgia: With this theme, the more nods you have to the past, the better. The windows on Buena Vista St. features images from Disney animated shorts like “The Night Before Christmas” and “Santa’s Workshop.” Watch those classic shorts again, and let them inspire your decorations.

Disneyland – New Orleans Square


New Orleans Square is already one of our favorite lands at Disneyland, but during the holiday season, it turns into this magical, light-filled extravaganza. Each of the streets are filled to the brim with garland, beads, and lights, creating a fun, festive atmosphere that’s truly fitting of the Crescent City.

Tip #5: Go Over the Top: There’s no room for sparse decorations if you going with a New Orleans Square theme. The more garland, lights, and ornaments you can find, the better. It might seem a little loud at first, but once it’s put together, it’s the perfect combination.


Tip #6: Think Outside the Box: Since this decoration theme is a little more specific, there’s definitely an opportunity for you to be creative. String up beads on your lamps, or incorporate New Orleans-inspired items like peacock feathers, masks, or even sheets of music into your decor. The more festive you make it, the more it will stand out!

What’s your favorite way to decorate your house that’s inspired by Disneyland? Tell us in the comments below!

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