Fleece Mickey Wreath How-To

December 11, 2014 ,

Amanda Kay Rusnak  and Alicia Shepard Niemenski were nice enough to share their Mickey Wreath images and directions with TMSM Fan Nation and now we get to share them with you!!

What you need:
1 large wire wreath form
2 small wire wreath forms
Zip ties
Fabric Strips of your choosing (1 inch wide x 5 inches long)



1. Zip tie your two smaller wreaths to the larger one
2. Tie the fabric into knots around the form or make the loop knot like you would make when you make a tutu
Tips from Alicia “I did the big loop first all except the last two runs on each side were the ears go them I slid the ears (smaller loop) in to the larger loop

You can also use green evergreen garland and wrap your frames to make an evergreen wreath like the picture below shows!



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