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December 10, 2014 ,


One of the hot topics in TMSM Fan Nation is the Pick-A-Pearl in Epcot. Main Streeters have lots of questions about this fun activity and today we are going to help you answer them, and then show you how fun the process is!


How does it work?
The process is so simple it’s fun. Simply visit a Pick-A-Pearl location, purchase your oyster, allow the cast member to open your oyster and celebrate your findings. Once you have opened your oyster you can select a ring or necklace setting or pearl cage to put your pearl in (costs vary but the option you choose) or take your pearl home in a bag. (The Cinderella’s Carriage was $65 in November 2014) To see the complete process check out the video I took during my Pick-A-Pearl experience at Epcot the weekend of the TMSM October Meetup!

How big are the pearls inside the oysters?
Based on member input most pearls are at least a 6.5 mm in size, but 7 and 7.5 tend to be the standard. Members have even picked oysters with 8-8.5 mm pearls!

How much does it cost to Pick-A-Pearl?
At time of publication it was $17.00 with tax in Florida for one oyster.

Where do I go to pick my pearl??
There are actually SEVERAL locations for Disney Guests to go to pick a pearl!

Walt Disney World (Florida)

  • Epcot- Japan Pavilion inside Mitsukoshi Department Store
  • Downtown Disney – Kiosk – Near the Pin Traders outpost – (407) 827-0966
  • Phone : (407) 827-0966
  • Yacht and Beach Club- In the Stormalong Bay pool area- During the remodeling at the hotel call first to confirm hours! (407) 934-0124
  • Typhoon Lagoon- Kiosk- (407) 828-8915

Disneyland (California)

  • Downtown Disney 1500 S. Disneyland Drive, Suite 106X
    (Across from Lego) Anaheim, CA 92802 – (714) 778-3929

Questions and Answers from the Pearl Factory Pick-A Pearl Website:

Will my oyster have a pearl?
Oysters are guaranteed to contain a genuine cultured salt-water Akoya pearl. (From TMSM: Some even have twins!)

Where does Pick-A-Pearl get their Pearls from?
Some companies get their “pearls” from freshwater clams then insert them into saltwater oysters, thinking you won’t know the difference. But at Pearl Factory, Hawaii’s Original Pearl-In-The-Oyster, all of our pearls come from genuine saltwater cultured oysters, assuring you the quality you expect.”

I have a pearl from you that I would like to have set in jewelry, but there is no Pearl Factory near me. What can I do?
We can help you! Simply visit our home page and select; “Shop for a Pearl Factory Jewelry Setting”. When you find an item that you like, click on the item to find detailed information on how you can send your pearl to us to have it set (with no charge for labor) on the Pearl Factory jewelry setting of your choice.

How should I care for my pearls?
Pearls are the only gems produced by a living creature. Pearls and their beauty are therefore very special. Your pearls will retain their special beauty with just a little care. Never allow your pearls to come in contact with anything that contains acid. Avoid contact with bleach, ammonia, alcohol and swimming pools. Always remove pearl rings before bathing or washing dishes. Apply hairspray and perfume before putting on pearls. Over time, acid and perspiration can dull pearls. The luster of your pearls can be preserved by occasionally cleaning them with a solution of mild soap and warm water. Follow this with drying and polishing with a clean, soft cloth. This simple care will ensure the lasting beauty of your pearls.

*Carriage Image from Main Streeter Jaymi Cannon-Palmer‎
Silver cage and company Q&A from Pearl-Factory‘s website.

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  1. Yay! That’s my beautiful carriage! I loved this experience; I had never done it before! I also got my mom a beautiful pearl in a heart cage and she loved it. Can’t wait to take her next year so she can pick one herself!

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