November 2014 LootCrate Review – Theme: BATTLE

December 1, 2014 , ,

Last week I received my 2nd Loot Crate.  This month’s crate was all about the BATTLE themed titles we know and love! From Master Chief and the Halo crew on the battlefield, to the action-adventure of Assassin’s Creed, it was cornucopia of exciting titles. With EXCLUSIVES from Capcom favorites Mega-Man and Street Fighter and a brand-new Pirates Vs. Nijnjas t-shirt design, November’s crate was jam-packed with awesomeness!


The first thing I noticed was the box had a warning on it stating:

This crate is designed differently than any
other crate before it. Please read the first
page of the magazine to see how!
This of course had me carefully opening the box to not damage it.  After reading the magazine, the box creates a display to create a battle.  In the back of the magazine there are punch out action figures from Mega Man and Street Fighter to attach to the display.


So of course the first thing I noticed is the T-Shirt.  This months shirt combines a pirate and a ninja to create a pretty cool design, and being I love pirates this is an excellent shirt to add to my collection.


Next was the little red bag that had the Assassin’s Creed Unity Logo.  Opening the little bag, it was a great collectors coin.  This is an exclusive to Loot Crate and definately one I will display.


If you are familiar with CAPCOM’s Mega Man, This next one is great.  It’s one of four different colored Mega Man helmets.  These are really heavy helmets that come with a display stand.  Mega Man has starred in over 130 different games over his 27 years.


Next, from the HALO franchise we got a a Mini Figure from MEGA BLOKS.  This is a great little figure with lots of detail.  It also comes with a sidearm and it’s own drop ship grenade.


One of the coolest things is the Street Fighter Headband.  If you are a fan of Street Fighter, this is something all fans will want.  The Headband is a replica of the one worn by Ryu in all the different Street Fighter games since 1987.  Ryu is best known for his powerful Hadouken fireball move and his trademark white gi and red headband.

In addition to the great items, you get the monthly magazine with interviews, the monthly button, a card with the code to download the full game of Street Fighter IV, digital comics of Mega Man, and a 50% off code for Lichdom Battlemage.

These crates are honestly amazing.  They pack so much in the box for less than $20, it’s really a great value.  With Christmas coming, if you have a gamer or geek in your life, this is a present they will love to get month after month.

To sign up go to and add the code TMSM at checkout for 10% off.  Make sure you subscribe now so you don’t miss out on the December crate.  They have already stated this will be the biggest crate ever and will be celebrating the anniversaries with exclusives featuring DC Comics/Batman & Marvel/Guardians of the Galaxy. They also have an exclusive Ghostbusters collectible, a variant cover comic exclusive to Looters, and epic Tetris and The Simpsons items rounding things out! I honestly can’t wait to get next months crate.

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