Take a Peek at Walt’s Personality ~ What’s My Line? 1956 Classic Clip!

So many of us Disney Fans really feel like we missed out on getting to see more of Walt Disney, and being able to witness how he was when he was here.  I know for me, it makes me sad to think that Uncle Walt was gone quite a few years before I was born. I love to see old clips and such of Walt, to see his personality, his humor, his wit, etc.

I came across this video, and I thought it was great!  It’s a clip from when Walt Disney was on the 1956 CBS game show, What’s My Line?.  You can see from the video what a fun guy Walt was, and how he enjoyed interacting with others. I hope you like this clip as much as I do! Enjoy!

Video from crepehanger47 on YouTube!

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