How Well Do You Know… Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End?

From the Disney Insider blog, another trivia to test your Pirate knowledge.

Are you truly the ultimate Pirates of the Caribbean fan, or are you just still wearing your Captain Jack-style Halloween costume? Test your piratical savvy and venture forth into the high seas with this quiz:


1. As the film opens, what song do the prisoners convicted of piracy begin to sing?

a. A Pirate’s Life For Me
b. Hoist The Colours
c. 15 Men On A Dead Man’s Chest
d. Jolly Roger

2. In the beginning of the film, Will is imprisoned for attempting to steal what from Sao Feng?

a. Davy Jones’ Heart
b. The Black Pearl
c. A Map To The Farthest Gate
d. A Cursed Compass

3. Whose presence convinces Jack that he is actually in Davy Jones’ Locker?

a. Will
b. Tia Dalma
c. His Crew of Jacks
d. Elizabeth

4. How does Elizabeth discover that her father died?

a. She Has A Dream
b. Tia Dalma Tells Her
c. She Sees Him Sailing To The Other Side
d. She Watches Lord Beckett Kill Him

5. How does the crew escape Davy Jones’ Locker?

a. Tia Dalma Summons A Storm
b. They Capsize The Ship At Sunset
c. They Pretend To Be Dead
d. Jack Offers Will To Davy Jones In Return

6. When Sao Feng dies, whom does he appoint as captain of his ship?

a. Elizabeth
b. Will
c. Jack
d. Barbossa

7. Who is Calypso, trapped in human form?

a. Elizabeth
b. Anamaria
c. Tia Dalma
d. Jack’s Ex-Wife

8. Whose vote is the deciding factor in Elizabeth becoming the Pirate King?

a. Barbossa
b. Sao Feng
c. Captain Teague
d. Jack Sparrow

9. Who stabs Davy Jones’ heart?

a. Will, With Jack’s Help
b. Jack, With Will’s Help
c. Elizabeth
d. Captain Barbossa

10. Who marries Elizabeth and Will during the pirate battle?

a. Barbossa
b. Jack
c. Bootstrap Bill
d. Norrington

11. What does the scene after the film’s credits show?

a. Gibbs Making A Deal With Barbossa
b. Will Returning After Ten Years At Sea
c. Jack Sparrow Recruiting For His Next Adventure
d. Calypso Plotting Revenge



1. b. Hoist The Colours
2. c. A Map To The Farthest Gate
3. d. Elizabeth
4. c. She Sees Him Sailing To The Other Side
5. b. They Capsize The Ship At Sunset
6. a. Elizabeth
7. c. Tia Dalma
8. d. Jack Sparrow
9. a. Will, With Jack’s Help
10. a. Barbossa
11. b. Will Returning After Ten Years At Sea



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