Cast Member Out of Breath ~ A Little Random Act of Kindness By John Leever


Cast Member Out of Breath – a Little Random Act of Kindness By John Leever

There are so many amazing things at Disney, and it does not matter if it is Walt Disney World or Disneyland. You will find things that will amaze you. One of those amazing things are the cast members and there are those who seem to be sprinkled with an extra dose of pixie dust, who know that magic is real, and know that they are part of making the magic that attracts so many guests to return visits. It was on a return visit, something like my 34th or 35th return visit, that a cast member brought a little magic to our group, well two of our group, but we got to share the magic as well.

In about April, my friend Laura called me to tell me that she was going to Walt Disney World with her husband Nate, her daughter Amanda, and her daughter’s boyfriend Dominick (aka. Dom), and that I was invited to come with. Amanda and Dom were going to do the 10 mile run in October at Hollywood Studios. It sounded like it could be fun to go to WDW and see a run event at Hollywood Studios. I had seen one that ended at Epcot several years before but this should be fun. Who am I kidding, I was going to WDW to do something new. I was totally in, but that was not the real reason we were going. When Laura shared the reason we were going, there was nowhere else I was going to be.

On October 2nd, we boarded a plane and flew to Orlando. During the flight, Amanda was having her hair done for we were going to “Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party” and she was going as Elsa from Frozen (did I really have to say where?). After landing, it was take the Magical Express to our resort. At the resort more hair and makeup, put on costumes then off to the Magic Kingdom. Dom’s costume was Clark Kent/Superman. He had on suit pants, a dress shirt only partially buttoned, a Superman t-shirt, a tie pulled aside, and black framed glasses, really a very clever costume. Because he was wearing suit pants, he asked me to carry the ring, I was not in costume and was wearing cargo shorts.

We entered the Magic Kingdom at about 10 minutes after 6 PM. Dom tells the group he wants to get in line to meet the 7 Dwarfs. He said we could go do what we wanted but he wanted to get in line and get a spot. After saying that, he takes off past the flag pole on Main Street. I react immediately and catch up to Dom and together we walk down Main Street at a rapid pace. Dom says to me that he does not want to stop anyone from doing what they want, but he did not want to miss this. And I say to Dom “This is the only reason why I came.” We don’t say anything else and soon we are in line for the 7 Dwarfs. It was still about 45 minutes until 7 PM the time the 7 Dwarfs would be out.

It was not long and the rest of our group joined us in line. When the Dwarfs arrived, the line moved quickly and it was soon our turn. Laura, a professional photographer, my nephew with a 16 megapixel camera, me with a video camera are all ready, as were a few phones poised to take pictures. Dom and Amanda go up together and the rest of us hang back, camera’s up. Dom takes a knee and Amanda is totally surprised. Dom asks Amanda to marry him and the look of joy on Amanda’s face was perfect. She says yes, the kiss, the hug, Dom slaps five with all 7 Dwarfs who were clapping, and shaking their heads, some were jumping, some were nodding, and some were pointing.

With the moment over, the rest of us join the 7 Dwarfs because we want a picture too. We exited the area and it is our turn to hug and kiss the newly engaged couple. Suddenly a cast member comes running up breathing hard, “Oh good you’re still here” she says and gives Dom and Amanda “Just Engaged” pins which they put on right away.

Not many people get engaged in front of the 7 Dwarfs so they did not have the pins close at hand. The cast member ran to get them and then ran back hoping that Dom and Amanda would still be there. It was a random act of kindness, and it was a cast member making a special moment even more special by working a little magic.

Dom and Amanda wore the pins the rest of the trip and I could not tell you how many times people congratulated them on their engagement, and every time Amanda and Dom smiled again. The best were the cast members who asked “did you get engaged here?” and when they answered “yes” the next question was “did you do it in the castle?” and when Dom and Amanda explained it was in front of the 7 Dwarfs the cast members would get this “ah ha” look. They understood that the 7 Dwarfs were not often available all together for pictures. Each cast member who congratulated and asked how it happened were also acts of kindness.

It was so much fun sharing the story with cast members who were offering their congratulations when they noticed Amanda and Dom wearing the pins presented to them by a cast member who ran to get the pins for them. It was an act of kindness that was followed by many more because we got to keep reliving the moment by sharing the story. And now I got to share the store one more time with TMSM.

~John Leever is one of our favorite Guest Bloggers for our Random Acts of Kindness series, and we thank him for his contribution once again. If you have a random act of kindness with a Disney twist that you’d like to share, please send me your story at [email protected] and we may feature you in an upcoming blog! Thank you! ~M

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