By Request! Mickey’s Philharmagic Ettiquette, 10 Suggestions ~ Don’t Be That Guy!


We have our “Don’t be THAT GUY at Disney” series, and newer readers have asked where it started from! So, when Main Streeters ask, we deliver! Here’s the blog that started it all in case you missed it! I hope you enjoy our very first That Guy blog! Have fun! ~M

Back in good old Michigan years and years ago, a local radio station used to do a segment called something like “Don’t Be That Guy” where people would call in to complain about certain behaviors of others, etc. Of course, once the caller would finish, there was a blurb that said “Don’t be that guy!” I loved this bit because people would speak of behavior that we’ve all seen and could relate to, it was pretty funny and true! After doing quite a bit of people watching at the various Disney Parks, I thought how this sort of topic could ring true and be relevant to the Disney crowd as well. So… my first go at this type of subject will focus on what I’ve observed at Mickey’s Philharmagic at the Magic Kingdom. These are just my observations, and are meant to entertain and be taken with a grain of salt! Let’s try to have some fun, and talk about common courtesy and etiquette for one of my favorite attractions, Mickey’s Philharmagic!

1. When entering the queue at Philharmagic, don’t run, jump, sprint or hurdle the bars inside. You won’t get there faster and it’s just not necessary. The bars are there for a reason, just walk through pathway. Oh, and don’t try to limbo underneath them either. You still won’t get to the theater faster, and you could hurt yourself or someone around you or just really, really bug your fellow park goers. We all want to get in fast too, but the right way, not the jumping hurdles kind of way. Slow down, you’re not trying to qualify for the Olympics, you’ll be fine to walk through the bars like everyone else! Don’t be a “Disney Hurdle Jumping Guy!”

2. While waiting to enter the theater… When the Cast Member says to fill in the empty space, try to do that. Don’t lay on the ground or sit and have a pow wow in the middle of the room in a circle. People can’t get around you and you just may get stepped on. If you do get stepped on, don’t get mad… you should have listened to the Cast Member in the first place!

3. Yes, I’ve actually seen this one… Please, for the love of Pete, don’t make out with your significant other while standing in the crowd waiting for the show. Sure, it’s boring, we don’t want to wait either, but there’s a time and place for lovey dovey business, and there are some things we really don’t need to see. There’s kids around too….. no parent wants to have to give their kid a “birds and the bees” talk in the middle of Disney! Just don’t be that guy (or girl) and maybe to back to your room.

4. When entering the theater for the show…. the overly patient Cast Members always say “move all the way down” in the row to make room for others. This means….. move ALL the way down! No, don’t go four seats in and take a seat, that’s not what the CM said. The CM’s tell us this for a reason, not just because they like repeating themselves, I promise you that. Have mercy on the CM’s and for those who are among the last to enter the theater and move down the row! People appreciate it!

5. I was in Philharmagic the other day, and I heard someone behind me saying “Hello, hello?” “Yeah, we’re at Philharmagic, what are you doing?” Yes, the show started and he took a phone call. Seriously? Don’t talk on your phone during a show. You won’t be able to hear well and it’s just common courtesy to not have a gab fest on your cell while others around you are trying to watch Donald Duck go on his adventures. You’d think that one would be a given, but I guess not.

6. Parents, please don’t let your child go digging in their nose, then wipe their fingers on the seats. I don’t know about you, but I know I don’t want to sit on or touch someone else’s nose yuckies. Same goes for rides, stay out of your nose kids, too many germs and it’s a nasty habit. This particular instance that I’ve seen over and over again is the main reason I keep hand sanitizer in my purse at all times. Gross but true!

7. This one goes along with “cell phone guy”…. Don’t talk, yell, narrate, chant or make other disturbances during the presentation. We just want to enjoy the show, and can’t if there’s all kind of commotion going on. Even if we’ve seen the show a million times, it’s still worth listening to, so try not to chat it up through the whole thing!

8. Don’t put the 3D glasses in your mouth or chew on them. I’m not talking about babies or children either, the teens and adults are who I’ve seen do it. I don’t think Disney wants to be handing out glasses to their guests that have teeth marks all over them. Besides… why would you want to chew on then anyhow? Wait till the show is over and get a turkey leg or Dole Whip or something that actually tastes good! 3D glasses are not a snack option on the Dining Plan! (before you panic, yes, they do indeed wash the glasses!)

9. Flash photography. Why take flash pictures in Philharmagic? It’s in 3D and your picture won’t come out right anyway, plus those around you are seeing stars for the rest of the show. Don’t be “flash photography” guy…. it’s not worth annoying those around you for a photo that won’t do the show justice anyhow.

10. Take off your silly hat. The Goofy hat and Sorcerer Mickey hat are pretty tall, to name a few. I know you’re excited to be at Disney and sport your favorite character’s attire, but we can’t see over you. It’s dark in there, so no one will even notice your stylin’ new look till after you leave. Save the big hats for the outdoors, the people sitting behind you will be happy you did. Don’t be “tall hat guy!”

All of the above circumstances are things that I have actually seen with my own two eyes believe it or not! Some things I wish I didn’t see, but I digress. It’s all about common sense and courtesy for your fellow park goers, that’s all it boils down to. I’m not perfect, we all tend to forget our manners at times. But….. I do think that if people would just be mindful of others, things would run much more smoothly for Cast Members and Guests. I’m sure you have your own stories too, things that you just had to do a double take to believe! If so, feel free to share. The next time your’re at Mickey’s Philarmagic, stop and look around, and think about this blog. I’m calling it like I see it, so watch around you to see if you can relate! I’m going to start paying closer attention to my surroundings so I can share more of these snarky yet helpful tips! Till next time…. have fun, but “Don’t Be That Guy!”

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