From Veterans Day to Walt Disney and Back Again..

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From Veterans Day to Walt Disney and back again.. by Guest Bloggers Uriah and Denise Hodgson

I know we all come here for everything Disney but when we think of Disney do we ever think of our Veterans or the war? Mostly NO. But we should because Walt Disney was a veteran*, who chose to serve his country to protect the Dream. The Dream of freedom. Wait what I thought all Walt did was make some cute shorts and war bonds images to help raise funds for the war effort? WRONG.

Oh no see before Walt Disney was 18 a war had already started, and the USA was already involved. That war was the First World War and Walt Disney wanted to be a part of it. But even his story has a few wrinkles in it.  See Walt’s older brother Roy had joined the Navy in World War I and of course Walt wanted to join to defend our country. Sadly Walt wasn’t old enough so he and his friend had the bright idea to run to Canada where they could enlist since Canada was accepting younger recruits at the time. Their moms found out and put a stop to the idea pretty fast. Eventually Walt joined the American Ambulance Corps, which was part of the Red Cross. Even this wasn’t easy as Walt’s father said No he refused to sign the papers. But Walt’s mom, Flora, signed the passport application for him and forging his father’s signature. She felt it best to know where he was then to just have him go and never know.

This is Walt Disney in a photo taken of him after joining the Ambulance Corps.

10733113_712513028833633_1806232257_o And still if this was not enough after serving our country Walt would return to start Walt Disney Studios and then again in the second World War Walt would use his knowledge or war and his studios to help support war effort in all forms. From bonds to creating over 1400 insignia for the military and also made special films during this time including Victory Through Air Power, Commando Duck, The Thrifty Pig and many many more. Even today the imaginary of the Second World War is  shown through many of the great images from the Disney Studios.

Here is a example of Disney War Bond efforts that was  to come out of Disney Studios.

10805225_712513078833628_177965442_nYes folks when we think of Disney we should also think of those who have served and are serving. For that is what Walt Disney would want us to do.
10807148_712513195500283_929149317_nThis short blog has been written jointly by Uriah and Denise Hodgson in support of Veteran’s Day and Walt Disney for all that our troops have done for our freedoms.  For our Veteran’s Day we will be watching the local parade and then giving donuts and hot chocolate to the veterans at the local center.
We thank you and honor this day and always.


*Walter Disney is listed in the Indiana War Memorial records as having served in World War I


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