Chasing Vinylmation

Are you a Vinylmation collector?  Have you ever been trading in a Disney Park and couldn’t remember if you had a specific Vinylmation or not?  Have you ever seen a Vinylmation and wondered what series it belongs to?


One of our friends, Carl from has created an online check list that will help you keep track of what you have and also what you want.  It’s an awesome tool and one every Vinylmation needs as you can access it from anywhere with your mobile device.

Collecting Vinlymation is an addictive hobby. The dopamine high of opening the foil found in a blind box hoping for a variant, chaser or that last figure needed to complete a set – there are few things that compare. That elation can often be replaced with frustration when fishing for your “Moby Dick”. What to do?

The answer, buy outright at the current market price or trade. The hardest route of these two options is trading by far – the results however are infinitely more rewarding. The challenges of trading can be a trip for the beginner to the most seasoned collector.

Understanding what you have available for trade, determining what’s actually worth in the market and finding someone who wants what you have an vice versa are the heart of successful trading. These three tenants are the foundation in which Chasing Vinylmation (CV) was created. A web app that is accessible in the comfort of your home or while hitting the trade boxes at the parks.

Maintaining a list of what you own, want or have to trade gets complex when there are over two thousand unique Vinylmation available for collecting. CV at its core provides it’s users with this primary function – the ability to quickly find and easily add a vinyl to a collection, all by logging in with a Facebook, Twitter or Google account.

Establishing worth usually means hours of research, scouring various user groups and inevitably eBay. Some basic research is now streamlined as part of CV. Each Vinylmation has it’s own unique search into eBay pulling active and completed listings right into the app. There is also a means of modifying the search without having to leave the site.

The next step requires lots of analysis. Every active user of CV has access to the trading algorithm, which compares your trades and wants with users that you are following or the community at large. The result is a list of matching users, which can be filtered through direct visual 1:1 matching.

Human connection / reaching out with proposals and negations complete the process of trading. Messaging, email notification and feedback are all functions available in CV.

Is there a catch? No. As a software engineer I use CV to help build and maintain my work skills while trying to help a community of avid collectors. I do this because I love it. It brings me great pride and happiness knowing that these tools provide the Vinylmation community the ability to achieve successful trading experiences. Occasionally there are a few hick-ups but most users can attest to quick turn around on fixes and direct help.

Give CV a whirl, it’s free, and help take your trading to the next level.


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