Disney Details ~ Have you ever really LOOKED at the scenery?

When you’re at a Disney Park, have you ever stopped to really look around you? I mean, really, really look? I tend to try to take things in wherever I go, almost to take a mental picture of what I’m seeing. In the past few days, it struck me as to exactly how much DETAIL goes into basically everything at Disney. From the sea shells in the concrete on the ground waiting to get on The Little Mermaid attraction, to the details on scenery that go into the indoor rides, it’s just amazing.


Even the attractions that don’t get as much traffic or publicity are extremely detailed. Take the Gran Fiesta Tour featuring the Three Caballeros in Mexico at Epcot for example. We never hear much about that ride, but it really is a good one. Even though it’s lesser known, the details and scenery that went into that attraction are awesome. You really feel like you’re somewhere in Mexico at some points, I can’t even imagine how much work went into building that entire thing. Same goes for most of the Pavilion’s at World Showcase, so much thought, planning and detail has gone into it all, it’s quite extraordinary!


Now on to the more popular attractions. Let’s talk Pirates of the Caribbean. We’ve ridden Pirates a lot over the past few months, and the details never cease to amaze me. Have you ever thought about how big this ride really is, and how much time must have went into building it? It’s huge! The room where we see Captain Barbosa on the ship is a big one, well, actually all the rooms are a good size. You can’t tell by looking at the outside of an attraction, but in true Disney fashion, the inside parts are really detailed and something to see. When we took my parents to the MK in September, my Dad was especially amazed with POTC, he couldn’t believe the detail and just raved about it! Even the detailing at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is quite something if you really look. You feel like you’re actually part of the old Wild West! It’s so much fun!


Disney has a way of making guests feel like they have been transported to a new world. A place where the real world doesn’t exist, where anyone of any age can feel like a kid again. The time, thought, and work that Disney puts forth in creating attractions is truly amazing. It’s Disney Magic! So, the next time you’re at any Disney Location, look around, take it all in, and enjoy the scenery!

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2 thoughts on “Disney Details ~ Have you ever really LOOKED at the scenery?”
  1. I usually try to reserve the non Disney comments for other stuff but in this case this comment fits well…..
    Disney Magic abounds and has been found in everyplace if you know how to look and listen.. For there is even a dash of Disney Magic in Harry Potter for remember the tent scene in Order of the Phoenix it’s bigger on the inside..
    Sorry could resist the cross comparison.

  2. Did you know that POC is actually in two different buildings?? I was amazed!! Take the Marceline to the Magic Kingdom tour, inexpensive in comparison, FULL of info you’ll be amazed to know….

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