Christmas Among the Palm Trees…… A Northerner’s POV!


As you know, Christmas is in full swing at Walt Disney World. Yes, there are Christmas decorations and merchandise all over Disney property, it’s everywhere. We went to the Magic Kingdom this week to see the Castle lighting and there were Toy Soldiers, Candy Canes, Wreaths and Lights everywhere we looked. Just last weekend there were pumpkin wreaths all over, and just like that, POOF, Christmas decorations. My boys were surprised and actually amazed at how fast the festivities were put in place, and I was too. Disney does an amazing job with transformations from one Holiday or Season to another. As beautiful as it all is…… my older son said “Mom, it’s awesome, but it doesn’t FEEL like Christmas!” I have to agree there, here’s why.

We’re newbies here in Florida, as you know. I’m looking outside as I write this and I see bright sunshine, it’s in the 70’s and not a cloud in the sky. I know, rough, isn’t it? It’s beautiful here, and we’re blessed to be in Florida, I’m not saying that I take that for granted. What I’m saying is, that from our point of view, it’s almost “weird” that the Holiday Season is fast approaching and we’re not freezing our butt’s off! I looked at the forecast for Michigan for the next week, and it’s going to be in the 40’s then the 30’s! Now, that’s what November looks like to us, that’s what signifies that Christmas is coming. We’re used to it being cold in November, having to wrap up in our winter clothes and boots to go shopping, making hot cocoa or chili on the day we put Christmas lights outside to help keep us warm. No, not this year. But…… it’s not a bad thing, it just goes with adjusting to our new life here in the south.

When the kids said it didn’t feel like Christmas was coming, I actually showed them the weather app on my phone and asked, “would you rather the temperature be like this?” You guessed it, a resounding NO was heard! I told them that I know all too well that change is hard, but this is our new normal and it’s a great thing. I think in a week or two we’re going to pull out the Christmas decorations at home and get them in the mood. It’s funny, because in Michigan, they complained that it was too cold, I did too. Kind of darned it you do, darned if you don’t. All in all, it’s a good thing, being here, it’s what we’ve always wanted. Christmas feelings are what you make of them, it’s all in the heart, not in the weather. We have WEEKS before Christmas is here, 48 days to be exact, so there’s time to get into the spirit, I’m not worried. Christmas at Disney is amazing, we’re lucky that we live close enough now to enjoy it. I have people ask us all the time if we feel like we’re missing out on the seasonal changes, and though I miss it, I’d have to say no. We’re closer to Mickey Mouse…. to me, it’s worth it! What about you? Do you think you’d miss the changing seasons, or do you think you’d need a white Christmas? Feel free to discuss, I love hearing our reader feedback! Thanks! ~M

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3 thoughts on “Christmas Among the Palm Trees…… A Northerner’s POV!

  • November 8, 2014 at 10:18 am

    I feel the same but backwards. Since I’m from Puerto Rico the Christmas weather there is around 70-80 some times lat at night mid 60’s. Now I moved recently to the Tampa area and I’m thinking that by the time I start the Christmas decoration I’m the one with hot chocolate. Well live near the place you love to go in your spare time is priceless no matter how low the temp went. I’m planning to go on tuesday to the parks, yesssss!!!

  • November 7, 2014 at 8:21 pm

    I’m a Florida boy, although in the panhandle. When I joined the Air Force many years ago I ended up in Minot ND. Now Christmas in the panhandle can vary a fair amount, from the 70’s when I got my bicycle, to below freezing (rarely). But it never stayed cold. It would blow through, bringing storms and fog, then a cold north wind, then usually followed by a warm up. The colder weather that stuck around usually didn’t come until January. But let me tell you, nothing prepared me for the cold in ND at Christmas. Already had snow a couple of times at least, with biting cold. But I took it all in and enjoyed the experience (without a mouse). And it appears you are too. 🙂

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