TMSM’s Adventures in Florida Living ~ From Halloween to Christmas!


Hey there Main Streeters!! It’s Wednesday already and time for our weekly update! I hope you all had a fun Halloween! We did. I’m telling you, it was a little weird this year, trick or treating with the kids in the midst of mild weather and palm trees. Halloween in Florida is so different than it is in the North. It didn’t feel like Halloween, there were no leaves crunching under our feet, no sweatshirts in conjunction with costumes, no chili and warm donuts. Granted, we had a very nice night, it was just a new experience. I’m a creature of habit and resist change. Every year on Halloween, I spend the evening with my parents. My Mom and Dad’s sub division is always decorated up, full of kids and activity. We even take the same trick or treat route with the kids, my Mom and I take the kids for the first half, then my Dad steps in and does the rest, it’s a tradition. So, this year was a bit rough because I wasn’t with my family. We called them that night though so they could talk to the boys and wish them a Happy Halloween. They both said what I was thinking, that this year it wouldn’t be the same with us being apart. It’s true. But, as a consolation, they told me it was around 40 degrees and rainy there, and that we weren’t missing much. I did miss them though, and I only cried once, so that’s a win for me. We were invited to our friends house and the kids went trick or treating and had fun, so we appreciated their hospitality and for helping make our first Halloween here a bit easier!

Now that Halloween is done, in true Disney fashion, Christmas is here! Yep, just like that, within a few days the Halloween decorations come down, and Christmas festivities pop up! Yesterday my pal Andy at WDW Shutterbug was at the MK and low and behold, boom, Christmas everywhere! The pumpkins are gone and Christmas wreaths are in their place. The Castle is being lit for the first time tonight, and that’s where we’ll be. I’m excited to see the Christmas fun at Disney this year. We used to visit Disney in the Spring or Fall, never at Christmas, so this is a first for us. I’m excited to see what the season has in store, and happy that the boys get to see Disney’s Christmas glory for the first time too. The Osborne Lights at the Studios also start this weekend. So, even though it doesn’t feel like Christmas this year, Christmas is indeed arriving at Disney. I’m used to the weather being cold, freezing out butt’s off while decorating and shopping for the holidays, etc….. but not this year. It’s all a part of adjusting to change, and I’m doing my best! Really, I am!!

Thank you so much for reading this week’s update! Next week I’m sure I’ll have the scoop on the Christmas festivities at Disney over the next few days, as I plan on seeing it all! Till next Wednesday…. big hugs, see ya real soon! ~M

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