On Friday we announced that Pandora stores were carrying the new in store Disney charms and that today would be the release of the Parks specialty charms. This morning the Disney Store has released park exclusive and non park exclusive Pandora charms and we want to give you a preview of them!  Below you will find an image of each P andora bead available through the Disney store and it’s name!
To order yours visit www.themainstreetmouse.com/DisneyStore and go to the “New” section of the Disney Store! Also available are Pandora Disney Bracelets to put your Disney Pandora beads on!
Per the Disney store there is a limit of 3 of each charm per guest. Prices range from $45-85. 


Minnie Mouse ”Minnie’s Sparkling Bow” Charm (Park Exclusive)

Mickey Mouse ”Peace, Love & Mickey” Charm (Park Exclusive)

Mickey Mouse ''Mickey's Sorcerer's Hat'' Charm
Mickey Mouse ”Mickey’s Sorcerer’s Hat” Charm (Park Exclusive)

Mickey Mouse ''Magical Day Mickey'' Charm
Mickey Mouse ”Magical Day Mickey” Charm (Park Exclusive)

Mickey Mouse ''2015 Edition'' Charm
Mickey Mouse ”2015 Edition” Charm  (Park Exclusive)


The following are NOT park exclusives:

Minnie Mouse ”Minnie’s Signature Look” 

Minnie Mouse ”Sparkling Minnie Icon” Charm 

Minnie Mouse ”Classic Minnie” Charm 

Minnie Mouse ”Minnie Icon” Charm

Mickey Mouse ”Sparkling Mickey Icon” Charm 

Mickey Mouse ”Sparkling Mickey & Hearts” 

Mickey Mouse ”Solid Mickey Icon” Charm 

Mickey Mouse ''Mickey's Sparkling Snowflake'' Charm
Mickey Mouse ”Mickey’s Sparkling Snowflake” Charm 

Mickey Mouse ''Mickey Silhouettes'' Charm
Mickey Mouse ”Mickey Silhouettes” Charm

Mickey Mouse ”Mickey Pavé” Charm

Mickey Mouse ''Mickey Icon'' Charm
Mickey Mouse ”Mickey Icon” Charm

Mickey Mouse ''Mickey All Around'' Charm
Mickey Mouse ”Mickey All Around” Charm

Mickey Mouse ''Mickey & Hearts'' Charm
Mickey Mouse ”Mickey & Hearts” Charm

Mickey Mouse ”LOVE Mickey” Charm

Mickey Mouse ''Heart of Mickey'' Charm
Mickey Mouse ”Heart of Mickey” Charm

Mickey Mouse ”Be Magical” Charm

Mickey and Minnie Mouse ''Minnie & Mickey Kiss'' Charm by PANDORA
Mickey and Minnie Mouse ”Minnie & Mickey Kiss” Charm

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  1. i just searched all through the link you provided at the top and can’t find the charms in the “new” section or anywhere else! 🙁 where else can i try? there’s one i really have my eye on and want to order it before it’s sold out!

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