Halloween with a Twist

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Halloween with a Twist by Guest Blogger Uriah Hodgson

Halloween the candy, the costumes, the trick or treating, we loved it and we all remember as a kid how special it was. We remember getting up the Saturday before having our Dad (or Mom) pile us in the car to head of to the Mall in search of that one special costume. From Disney Heroes to Star Wars Villains we all had that one costume that was perfect for us, as do our own children. Several hours later you were home again and trying it on, battling our brothers or casting spells of ugliness on our sisters. Oh yes the memories and then we’d wait a week more until that grand night of junk food heaven. Back on went the costume not that we hadn’t worn it nearly everyday till then and out the door we flew. Mom and Dad would stay home or they might join us and soon our pillow cases were overflowing with sugary treats.

And all of this sweet goodness came from that one moment when you slipped on your first costume or searched the shelves for the one that would be you. It was fun and easy to make others laugh or scare them when the doors opened all you needed was to simply walk around the aisles til that one special costume called your name.

But what if it wasn’t that easy? What if the one costume didn’t exist? What if a costume for you couldn’t just be purchased. Not because no one had made it yet but rather your costume had to be made around you.? Then suddenly Halloween is no longer a treat filled with laughs and sugary sweets. No not when you are confined to a wheelchair and medical equipment. Than that one costume comes from the heart the heart of who else your parents(and in this case with the help of Grandma).

And here is where this story of Halloween begins. Well actually back up 3 weeks and that is the real start. The stores are filling with Costumes, candy and frightful delights. But we are hunting for ideas that will allow our son Gabriel to enjoy Halloween with this his brothers and sister. Odd as it may sound guess what, they don’t sell wheelchair designed costumes at the mall or any other store. Oh dear what to do? Well as Walt Disney might say “it time to go back to the drawing board.” So comes the designing and planing cutting, carving, gluing, painting and repeat. But it will all be worth it.

Just six days before Halloween and I’m sitting in my living room with my mom (Martha) and my wife (Denise) discussing not what should the kids wear for Halloween, but how can we create the costume for Gabriel. With only a picture to inspire us and a movie to catch UP on we were bound and determined that Gabriel would roll this Oct 31st with his bothers and sister. And so he will. First we had to collect the supplies so off to the mall we went – NOT. No folks we went out in search of boxes, scrape cardboard and yes some store supplies… and then it begins.

First we cut the cardboard and started the building processes then it’s foam board and hot glue followed by more cutting and gluing and OUCH my fingers. Yes we did some cooking of finger tips but it’s totally worth it. Then guess what we did next we started painting and then cutting removing repairing changing and starting nearly at the beginning.  But we were sure we would be one UP on this and we’d be victorious. And we were after 6 days of hard extra work, not including family illness and a silly slip UP we were at the unveiling of the big moment.

We had done it we had gone from this…

To this…
and then back to the drawing board and to this…
And then further to this…
But we weren’t done yet oh no our work was just taking off. This was three days in and we were now taking on speed.  Soon we were adding the finishing touches. Railings, windows, doors it was all there and it was going to be an amazing Halloween costume like no other.
That’s right it’s happening something is coming UP from the boxes and paint something super cool.
But how is this going to fit to this. Well with a little of this and lots of Disney Magic.

But wait before the big moment it is just as important to know that this project took on a life of it’s own and would never have come to life without the help of my mom (Martha Hodgson)and wife (Denise Hodgson) who stood by me and put up with changes and restarts and even a collapsing walls to create an ultimate Wheelchair friendly costume for Gabriel….

And, now I present what may well be the most UP lifting Halloween costume you will ever see grace the skyline.

82014-10-28 18.19.32
And here is where Gabriel’s Halloween begins…



About Uriah Hodgson: Uriah is a father, Disney fan, and international man of “Where In Disney Are We” photo mystery. As a TMSM Fan Nation member the photos he uses for his son’s upcoming MAW trip to create a daily count down image challenge sometimes leave even leave the most experienced Disney fan scratching their head. He is also a calm voice and amazing cheer leader. To read about his son Gabriel visit the blog written by Uriah’s wife Denise.

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