From the Oh My Disney blog.

Big Hero 6 opens in theaters in less than two weeks on November 7 and our anticipation could not be higher. We can’t wait to see the film, buy our very own Baymax, and cry tears of pure joy. Until then we’re reminiscing about the awesome day we got to spend with the cast and crew of the film.

T.J. Miller’s character, Fred, is not only really hilarious but also has a knack for giving his friends epic nicknames, so we asked him to nickname Disney characters. You have to watch what happened as a result:

As if talking with T.J. wasn’t enough amazing for one day, we also got to interview the one, the only….Baymax! We fell in love with him and he diagnosed us a bump on our knee. It was great. Take a look:

We don’t think we need to say anything else. Baymax and T.J. Miller speak for themselves! Make sure to check out Big Hero 6 in theaters November 7.


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