Mickey Cutie Halloween Bats

October 28, 2014 , ,
Halloween decorations don’t always have to be scary. Actually some of us are fans of the cute, little kid friendly ones that don’t cause nightmares later at night. Disney Family understands that idea and was nice enough to share these cute Mickey Bats decorations you can make for your house or school!
What You’ll Need
Cardstock (black and white)
Pipe cleaners
Glue dots
Monofilament for hanging the bats
Glue stick
How To Make It

1.Print the first page of the template on a sheet of black cardstock and the second page on a sheet of white cardstock. (Or, you can print the template on plain paper and use the pieces as patterns for cutting out two bat bodies from black cardstock and a Mickey face from white cardstock. Then use a black marker to draw eyes, a nose, and a mouth on the face, as shown on the template.)

2. Cut a length of monofilament for hanging the bat and knot one end. Use a glue dot to attach the knot to the head portion of one of the two body pieces.3

3.  Cut a pipe cleaner length that is just long enough to stretch from wing to wing, and use glue dots to stick it in place on the same body piece as the monofilament.

4.  Use the glue stick to apply a generous coat of adhesive to the body, going right over the pipe cleaner and monofilament knot. Then set the second black body shape on top of the first, matching up all the edges and firmly pressing down on the paper to stick the two layers securely together.

5.  Glue the face in place, centering it below the ears, and your Mickey bat is ready to hang.


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