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October 28, 2014 ,


The Great Movie Ride at DisneyÕs Hollywood Studios

Weekly I scourge books, the Internet and various brochures to find some obscure facts that I did not know. It has never ruined the “magic” for me learning about these things. It has only intensified it. For someone who has never worked in one of the theme parks, I find any of the behind the scene stuff and secret hidden stuff fascinating. I’m not talking about sneaking backstage or anything like that, but searching for things that are out in the open, but may not necessarily know exactly what I’m looking at. Some things go over my head and some things I pick up on immediately. In this article I am going to share some of the things I recently found out about Disney Hollywood Studios.

  • The Hollywood Hideaway- If you ever find yourself being asked for some reason where the Hollywood Hideaway is, just direct them to the old Sounds Dangerous attraction building. This is a private VIP lounge that is booked for special events. It’s a very nice lounge area. I got the opportunity to do an interview there some years back.
  • In the Great Movie Ride during the gangster shoot-out sequence check out the car tag of the vehicle in the scene. It reads “021-429”. You may be asking yourself what exactly does it all mean. It’s actually a date, 02-14-29. February 14, 1929 is the date of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.
  • U2 was originally approached to be the band that starred in the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster attraction. After they declined Aerosmith became the headliner.
  • Next time you decide to dine at the Sci-Fi Dine In, check out the wall that has the plexiglass covered displays before you go into the restaurant. Find an article that reads “Who is the Rocketeer?” Then turn and look immediately behind you at the top of the opposite wall and you’ll find one of The Rocketeers jet packs.
  • When you go to check out the Osborne Christmas Lights, see if you can find the black cat. Imagineers hides a cat made from lights amongst the huge light display.
  • If you ever find yourself walking by Tower of Terror and notice a strange wait time of “13 minutes”, this isn’t a mistake. It means that there is no wait for the attraction.
  • The lagoon where Fantasmic takes place is a whopping 1 ½ feet deep. That’s right; it’s only 1 ½ feet deep, which is not as deep as it looks.
  • Have you ever wondered why there is a big green dinosaur being used outside of an ice cream booth? Gertie the dinosaur was not a creation by Walt, but was created by Winsor McCay and released in 1914. Gertie was one of the first animated characters to have lifelike movements.
  • The Tower of Terror has actually been struck by lightening. I’ve yet to find out officially if anyone disappeared…again.

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