Halloween Decor Tips From Monstober Set Designers

Each year during Monstober, all of your favorite Disney Channel shows get the spooky treatment with special Halloween-themed episodes.The sets of Dog with a Blog, Austin and Ally, Live and Maddie, Jessie and more all get amazing Halloween makeovers with help from their talented set decorators.

We got some expert decorating advice from some of these designers and decorators to find out how they were able to create over-the-top Halloween looks for the sets, and how we can use these tricks to decorate our own Halloween parties.

Some of the most important decorating tips we learned:

  • Use what you have around the house and things you can find at local hardware and discount stores
  • Play with colored lighting to add some drama without much effort. Flame-less candles are a great tip, too!
  • Decide on a theme and stick to it
  • Look at elements in your house (like the piano and spiral staircase from “Jessie”) that can be emphasized with some fabric or other decorations

Get more tips and inspiration from each show’s set, and catch all of the Halloween episodes during Disney Channel’s Monstober Mega Marathon, next Friday Friday, October 31!


“I try and think like the characters: how would Jessie and the kids decorate the house? What would they think was cool? I did a mix of traditional Halloween fun balanced with a little spooky stuff, so it doesn’t look like a haunted house but has a fun Halloween feel you can live with for a couple of weeks. The mixture makes it feel like something all the characters on “Jessie” would have helped with. Some of the decorations are reproductions of old-fashioned Halloween designs & they blend really well with some of the modern spooky things.” – Laura Richarz, “Jessie” Set Decorator
Dog With A Blog
“To achieve an extra spooky look this Halloween, make sure you bring in a couple black lights. I might even replace your front porch light with a black light. As long as trick-or-treaters can still see down your path, it gives your whole house a spooky feel. Another trick is to take any ghost, ghoul, goblin, or large spider you may have found while shopping and completely cover it in cobwebs and place it against a prominent wall. If it feels like an even larger creature trapped that poor creature in there then it helps sell that creepy vibe!” – Britt Woods, “Dog with a Blog” Season 3 Set Decorator
Liv and Maddie
“I avoid Halloween stores for the most part. Lowe’s and Home Depot are great places for erosion cloth and sphagnum moss. Also for rocks, boulders, stakes, and fencing. Army Navy Surplus stores for camouflage netting, Restore Habitat for Humanity Stores for odd, building materials , and lighting that can be re-purposed to be something else at a reasonable cost, and for a good cause. Thrift Stores for the unexpected ” What can I do with this creatively?” moment, and not spend much money. Also inexpensive fabric stores like Jo-Ann Fabrics, or for me, The Downtown LA fabric district.” – Lisa de los Reyes, “Liv and Maddie” Set Director
Liv and Maddie
PRODUCTION SET“Think outside the box! Use clothing in your closet, items in your cupboard, garage that you have on hand as starting points. Add spooky netting, fabric, foam to make it into a Halloween Decoration. Decide on the dominant theme of your decorating project–skeletons, witches, ghosts, SCARY–and expand on various ways to showcase that with color, lighting , aging, and proper placement.” – Lisa de los Reyes, “Liv and Maddie” Set Director

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