11 Times Rapunzel Made You Wish You Were Rapunzel

October 27, 2014 , ,

We simply can’t get over how amazing Rapunzel is. We could call out a million different times when Rapunzel was simply perfect, but for now we’re obsessing over all the moments that made us want to be this long-haired princess. It was difficult to narrow it down to only 11 (because let’s face it, we want to be Rapunzel all the times), but we managed to trim down our list just for you (and in the interest of time management)!

1. When Rapunzel painted a masterpiece without even sketching it out first.


You have to admit, Rapunzel is immensely talented. All that time in her tower allowed her to perfect a multitude of skills, but we are most impressed with her painting talents. As you may have noticed, paint brushes don’t have erasers, and with limited wall space every brushstroke is a big commitment.

2. When Rapunzel pulls Mother Gothel up to the tower.


Okay, this one sounds strange, but Rapunzel has some serious upper body strength. Some of us have never even done a pull-up in our entire life, but Rapunzel can use her hair to carry the weight of an entire person. If you were to ask her if she even lifts the answer would be a resounding, “yes.”

3. When she wrapped herself in a little hair cocoon.


Imagine doing this whenever you were scared or cold. It would be so warm and cozy! Forgot your jacket? Hair cocoon. Watching a scary movie? Hair cocoon. It’s so versatile and practical! Kind of like a snuggie.

4. Every time she sings.


Rapunzel’s voice is one of the most beautiful things we have ever heard. You’d sing about all your hobbies, chores, and dreams too if your voice were like Rapunzel’s. Did you notice how she harmonized with Flynn during their duet? Try doing that with your significant other.

5. When she stood up to the Pub Thugs and then won them over with her awesome people skills.


For a girl who has been stuck in a tower for 18 years, Rapunzel is surprisingly brave and good with people. We don’t know about you, but we wouldn’t be able to stand up to the Pub Thugs on our first day in the real world! To top it all off, she then wins the Pub Thugs over in an amazing ensemble piece. Best people skills ever.

6. When Rapunzel uses her hair to swing to safety.


How cool is that?! Not only is she able to swing to get herself out of trouble, she also saves Flynn from Maximus when he’s in danger. That leads us to the next moment we wished we were Rapunzel…

7. When she charms Maximus.


Rapunzel was actually able to get Flynn and Maximus to call a truce for her birthday. If we had that kind of peacekeeping talent imagine what we could do! All those silly disputes over where to eat for lunch would disappear entirely. The world would definitely be a better place.

8. When she starts a dance party with a bunch of strangers.


This could probably be the best party trick ever. You’d literally be able to start a party out of the trick.

9. When she fell in love with Flynn Rider.


Falling in love is lovely, but Rapunzel and Flynn falling in love is amazing. Who wouldn’t want to fall in love while they were surrounded by floating lanterns? No first date could ever compare. Please let us switch places!

10. When she realized she was a princess.


Even though it would stink to find out the person you thought was your mom wasn’t really your mom, it would be kind of cool to find out you were royalty.

11. When she lived happily ever after.


Everyone wants to live happily ever after. It’s a huge theme in Disney movies (if you haven’t noticed). Rapunzel gets to live happily ever after and rule her kingdom with all the grace and wisdom that her parents did before her. We only hope that we can do the same…if we ever have a kingdom, that is.

What’ your favorite Rapunzel moment? Tell us in the comments!


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