How Well Do You Know… Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest?

Devils and black sheep and really bad eggs, this is the quiz for you. Are you worthy of joining Captain Jack’s crew? Find out just how good of a pirate you really are:


1. What scene does the film open with?

a. Jack Sparrow Fighting His Crew
b. Will and Elizabeth’s Wedding
c. Norrington Plotting Revenge
d. Jack Sparrow Bursting Out Of A Cofin

2.  When Will encounters Gibbs’ parrot, what is the parrot saying?

a. “Long Live Captain Jack”
b. “Turn Back”
c. “Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum”
d. “Don’t Eat Me Don’t Eat Me!”

3.  What does Jack offer Tia Dalma in exchange for her help?

a. A Gold Coin
b. His Compass
c. An Undead Monkey
d. Davy Jones’ Key

4.  What is Jack’s compass designed to point to?

a. Whatever He Desires Most
b. The Black Pearl
c. A Mermaid Cove
d. Davy Jones

5.  Davy Jones can only step on land once every how many years?

a. 5
b. 7
c. 10
d. 15

6. Why does Jack go down with the Black Pearl when the kraken attacks?

a. Elizabeth Chains Him To The Ship
b. He Sacrifices Himself For The Crew
c. Will Convinces Him To Stay Onboard
d. He Wants To Battle The Kraken

7. Who first tells Jack that his debt to Davy Jones must now be repaid?

a. Tia Dalma
b. Barbossa
c. Will Turner
d. Bootstrap Bill

8. The inhabitants of the island plan to do what with Jack?

a. Make Him Their Leader
b. Cook Him and Eat Him
c. Sink Him Into Davy Jones’ Locker
d. Sacrifice Him For Protection

9. Who gets left behind as the Black Pearl escapes the island?

a. Jack
b. Will
c. Gibbs
d. The Dog

10. According to Tia Dalma, why did Davy Jones sink his heart?

a. To Rule The Sea
b. To Appease The Kraken
c. So It Could Always Be With His Love
d. So He Would Fear No Man Or Creature

11. What is Davy Jones’ ship called?

a. The White Pearl
b. The Flying Dutchman
c. The Dauntless
d. The Dark Shadow



1. b. Will and Elizabeth’s Wedding

2. d. “Don’t Eat Me Don’t Eat Me!”

3. c. An Undead Monkey

4. a. Whatever He Desires Most

5. c. 10

6. a. Elizabeth Chains Him To The Ship

7. d. Bootstrap Bill

8. b. Cook Him and Eat Him

9. d. The Dog

10. c. So It Could Always Be With His Love

11. b. The Flying Dutchman

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