Glowing Minnie Mouse Costume a Viral Hit With Disney Fans

October 22, 2014 , , ,

10402699_1518998891650897_5906964083997622214_n I always love when someone’s love for Disney gets channeled into something fun and unique and then goes viral, and because TMSM is always excited to share those moments with others we have this cute video for you!

This weekend a new soon to be viral video surfaced in the Disney-verse. Adorable little Zoey is going viral with Disney fans in her digital LED Minnie Mouse costume costume that she wore to the Disneyland “Mickey’s Halloween Party” this past Friday night (10/17).  Zoey’s dad, Royce, an inventor who runs the company who made Zoey’s costume shared on his Facebook that he had “ programmed a microcontroller to control the LED’s and have them respond to sound and other sensors. There is a button and 2 knobs in the back of the ears.” He also mentioned that due to legal reasons this costume “wont be for sale.

It looks like little Zoey had an absolute blast at the party and her parents took some adorable photos of her with characters in the park!


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