Ok Memento Mori… You win, take my money!


We’ve been reporting on the brand new Haunted Mansion themed store at the Magic Kingdom, Memento Mori, and we finally had the chance to stroll through it. This store should come with a warning….. “Caution, you MAY spend too much money!” I’m telling you Main Streeters, Memento Mori is absolutely fantastic! It’s a smaller store, filled with GOOD Haunted Mansion themed fun!

Memento Mori is a Haunted Mansion Fan’s dream! They have everything from kitchen items, goodies and treats, hats, shirts, jewelry, pictures, car swag, etc….. for ANY member of your family, it’s all there!







So there you have it…… you’ve been warned… Foolish Mortals! I just have to give up, and realize that Memento Mori is going to win this one….. just hand over my money and be done with it! lol! Have fun when you go, you will love it there!

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