Home Made Disney Gummies!

October 8, 2014


Recently, we had one of our Main Streeters, Stephanie Weckwerth, send us in a recipe and instructions for these great do it yourself Disney Gummies! This is a fun recipe that you can do with your family at home! Here’s the how-to instructions from Stephanie~

Ingredients for one batch: (2 dozen gummies using rubber ice trays filled 1/2 way) 1/2 box of knox original 1 85g package of any flavor jello, 1/2 cup of room temp water. citric acid (found in pharmacy near vitamin section if you want sour gummies).


Put 1/2 cup water, knox and jello in pan/pot, stir until everything is mixed well together, place on low heat for 10 minutes ish until the mixtures thickens a bit.


Pour mixture into measuring cup (or something that has a pour spout) spoon off foam (you don’t have to, but for esthetics it looks way better.
Pour into molds, let set in freezer for 15 minutes or until hard.


Pop out. sprinkle citric acid (just a little because it is a preservative) BOOM ~ You have Disney Gummies!
They do not stick. they just peel right out! Also, they don’t stick to each other when you put them in bags.

This is such a great idea! Special thanks to Main Streeter Stephanie for sharing this fun recipe with us! Enjoy!

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