Saying Goodbye to the Backlot Tour, Hollywood Studios


Yesterday, we headed over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios with a purpose in mind. Not just a trip for fun, but we had a mission… to ride and record the Backlot Tour. Normally, the Backlot Tour wouldn’t be on our “must do” list, but yesterday the attraction was closing it’s doors forever. Once we got there, I quickly found out that a lot of other Disney guests had that same idea in mind. The park in general was packed, and it was also Dapper Day, but the line for the Backlot Tour was larger than I had seen it in years! So many people wanting to get that last ride in.


When I did the Backlot Tour a few weeks ago, the “live” set part (above) didn’t even have volunteers or the “movie” at the end of the scene. Yesterday, they did the full show, volunteers and all. It was the most lively and energetic performance that I’d seen in a very long time. Even the audience was getting into the show with cheering and feedback. Lots of fun!


After the movie scene area, we headed over to the prop warehouse. My photo pal Andy and I wanted to get some shots inside the building, but someone had gotten sick inside and the Cast Members weren’t allowing anyone else in, we got directed to the side. We were a little disappointed, but understood. Heading over to the tram, it was super crowded, but people were still up beat and excited to be riding one more time. We got on, in the back row, and took lots of pictures and video. I tried to get a shot of the “Earful Tower” when we looped around. I hope they don’t take that down as well, I’d miss that. Getting a shot of Walt Disney’s airplane is also something that I always have to get a pic of!


With the cameras out, we took one last ride into Catastrophe Canyon. That scene was always a favorite of my sons, they love seeing all the water rushing down, and still worried that we would get soaked. The audience was really into the show, I think a lot of people were feeling the nostalgia that the tour offers.


Once the tram pulled back into the station, we unloaded and took one more look around. The movie prop walk through was closed, so we didn’t get to see that one last time. All in all, I’m really glad that we made it to the Studios to bid a final farewell to the Backlot Tour. It was fun seeing all the people there, it felt like the ride was new again. I even saw some familiar faces in the crowd. It’s too bad that it had to take the ride closing for it to have that renewed excitement to it. All these changes at Disney have people feeling a little sad, but I have no doubt that Disney will pull through and bring us more amazing attractions to enjoy. Thanks for the memories, dear Backlot Tour! You shall be missed! ~M

Our crew on the tour! Andy (WDW Shutterbug), the boys and myself!

Me and two Main Streeter friends, Greg and Kyle Smoot, taking one last pic near the tour!

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