What It’s Like To Live With A Disney Addict

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What It’s Like To Live With A Disney Addict by Guest Blogger Arielle Boardman

Three years ago my boyfriend was blissfully unaware of how many fireworks shows and churro stands there were in Disneyland. He didn’t know what it was like when people would burst into a Disney song in the middle of conversation. And, he definitely didn’t know the words to any Frozen song. Fast forward to present day and he is now aware (blissfully or not) of all of those things. What has life been like for the last 2 years of living with a Disney addict? Here’s a small look into the life of the man who lives with one.

1.) There’s A Lot Of Crying
There’s happy crying, sad crying, and of course the big one: the “it’s so magical!” crying. A Disney lover will cry at movies, songs, in the park, meeting characters, the thought of meeting characters, Walt Disney quotes, Disney cereal bowls, etc, etc. Just know that it’s ok. It’s totally normal. Just roll with it. And if possible give them a churro and a balloon.

10150705_10203534614630427_1214097686_n2.) Disney Decor Will Slowly Take Over Your Home
It starts out with a popcorn bowl, and then maybe a small figurine. But if you don’t catch on quickly the next thing you know, the inside of your house will look similar to the World Of Disney store. Resistance is futile. Just let it happen. If people give you grief that you only have Disney coffee mugs for glassware, then they aren’t worthy of being in your kitchen anyways.

3.) Don’t Know The Words to Any Disney Songs? Oh You Will.
My boyfriend can bust out the lines of “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman” and he knows the “Duck Tales” theme song by heart. He also knows that if he says something in a conversation that is a lyric to a Disney song he WILL be interrupted and there WILL be a performance. And even though we are in Home Depot it WILL happen. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even get embarrassed anymore….

4.) You Thought You’ve Been To A Disney Park Before. But Not Really.
You really haven’t experienced Disneyland until you’ve been with a 24 year old who acts like they are a 4 year old who just had 20 cups of coffee. The first 10 minutes were like, “Arielle stop running.” “Arielle stop screaming.” “Arielle stop stalking Mickey.” “Arielle you’ve already had a churro and a dole whip, I don’t think you need ice cream.” “Arielle why are you crying?” “Ma’am, may I borrow your child restraint for my girlfriend?” After a while he just gave in and had fun. He found out that standing in a long line isn’t all that bad, the Disneyland fireworks are totally worth waiting for and all food inside Disneyland is made from unicorn hugs and pixie dust.

Oh and I will ALWAYS choose a Disney park for a vacation. So unless you want to hear, “but we can go to Mexico in EPCOT!” then don’t ask…

1924175_1049548843408_8453_n5.) If YOU Don’t Choose The Movie For Movie Night It WILL Be A Disney Movie.
I will always choose a Disney movie. Always. Except for Hook. Technically it’s not Disney but whatever. If you want to watch something that is not animated or has a plethora of magical songs or has dancing Newsies, then YOU will need to pick out the movie. And if it is scary or bloody, do not be surprised when I scream, “THIS IS TOO SCARY I NEED A DISNEY MOVIE!!! PUT ON PETER PAN!!!” Also if it is a really scary movie be ready to watch a Disney movie afterwards.


And finally Number 6…

Be Prepared to Have A TON of Fun.
Ok so right after I wrote the above line, I talked like Scar for about 15 minutes. Anyways. Disney Addicts are my kind of people. Why? Because we know how to take any situation and make it FUN and MAGICAL! We refuse to grow up. We will always be in touch with our inner child. Bored out of your mind? Just hang out with a Disney Lover. We will bring the party with us, including dole whips. And maybe the soundtrack of Fantasmic (just realize. we WILL cry when Mickey says, “Some imagination huh?!”).

What would you add to this list? Do you live with a Disney Addict or are YOU the Disney addict?

Arielle Boardman lives with her boyfriend in Utah. She is pretty sure that he will be inducted into sainthood soon. He finds her love for Disney adorable and endearing (those are totally his words and not hers.)





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