Pumpkin Carving Disney Style

September 21, 2014


By Janel Adani

Halloween is a very special holiday in the Adani household. Why? Because it’s my husband’s birthday! How great is it to have your birthday on Halloween? My husband has told me all kinds of great stories growing up and having these great parties on Halloween. He usually goes all out at home too. Transforming our entire front yard into a spooky cemetary. Pictures don’t do it jusctice!


So, given that Halloween is such a special occasion in our home, pumpking carving is always fun. Being that we are huge Disney fans, we always try to Disney style our pumpkins. Last year the kids decided to do Star Wars. As you can see from the pics above they opted for both Darth Vader and Boba Fett. These pumpkins took quite a long time to carve given all the details, but the payoff in the end was awesome. They looked incredible. The kids were bummed though that pumpkins don’t last forever and that after a few days all their hard work had rotted away.
So, this year we are going to try something different. I went ahead and purchased some of those fake carving pumpkins that you can buy at your big box craft store and the kids are going to make their special Disney pumpkins out of those instead. This way they can continue to use them year after year! But don’t worry, we are still going to buy a real one too. What kid doesn’t love to play in the gooey guts of a pumpkin!
This morning I started searching the web for some carving ideas to show the kids. Here’s what I found. Stay tuned in an upcoming blog to see what we decided to do.


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