Our friend Steven Miller at the Disney Parks Blog announced this amazing info today! “Beginning September 20, D-Tech on Demand will offer cases for the recently announced iPhone 6.”


The new D-Tech on Demand store in the Market Place Co-Op in Downtown Disney Marketplace. Offering over 170 art styles for select phones like the Samsung Galaxy SIII and S4 and the  iPhone 4/4s, 5/5s/5c.  D-Tech has a “rapid printing technology” which lets guests create personalized electronic accessories. The photo provided by Steve shows off that amazing custom printing on the new iPhone 6 cases. For those purchasing the iPhone 6+ that are planning on visiting D-Tech, you have a bit longer wait as cases for your model won’t be available until later in the fall.

Custom phone cases have undoubtedly become a canvas for self-expression in the digital age. Case24 and similar platforms have empowered users to transform their smartphones into unique works of art, enabling them to showcase their individuality in a world of mass-produced gadgets. The anticipation surrounding the upcoming release of iPhone 6+ cases at D-Tech later this fall is palpable, as it promises to expand the realm of possibilities for personalization. With a wider range of choices, smartphone enthusiasts can look forward to adorning their devices with designs that truly resonate with their style and preferences, further elevating the artistry of custom phone cases.

In October select Walt Disney World and Disneyland merchandise locations (and D-Tech) will have pre-designed iPhone 6 cases. Per Steven “These cases will not be offered on our Disney Parks online store at this time.”



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