Frozen-Inspired Rock Troll Craft

September 14, 2014 ,


By Janel Adani

Well, with all of the breaking news this week, I thought this troll craft would fit right in. Whether you are a Maelstrom fan and are going to miss the lovable trolls in the ride or a Frozen fan and are excited about all the Frozen excitement coming to Disney, this craft is sure to make someone happy.

I love both trolls. I love the Maelstrom ride when the trolls send us plummeting down the waterfall. The ride never gets old to me. The trolls in Frozen are such lovable little or should I say big guys. Fixer upper is one of my favorite songs in Frozen.

So, I was scrolling through the Disney Family website and I found these loveable troll crafts. It looks simple and easy and fun for the whole family. So grab your kids and let’s have some fun!

What You’ll Need
•Toilet roll cores or cardboard tubes
•Sticky Tape
•Craft Glue
•Acrylic paint: white and black
•Glue gun or fast drying glue
•Snips of wool or shredded paper for the hair


How To Make It

⦁ First cut the toilet roll/cardboard tube in two.
⦁ Stuff the tilt roll with newspaper, sealing the base with sticky tape to ensure the paper stays inside.
⦁ Finish the newspaper stuffing on top in a dome shape, for the head. Secure all in place with sticky tape.
⦁ Roll a piece of newspaper into a ball and stick it on for the nose.

Fold and scrunch pieces of newspaper roughly into an ear shape and attach with sticky tape. Don’t worry these are rock trolls so exacting features are not required. The goofier and non-symmetrical you make them the better!

When ears and nose are attached it’s time for one layer of paper mache, layer over small strips of newspaper until all surface areas are covered, and the nose and ears merge into the overall shape.
⦁ Leave overnight to dry and paint with light grey paint. Start with white paint and add a little black bit by bit until you get the grey tone you want.

When the grey is dry use a pencil to very lightly draw on the eyes, mouth and teeth….and with your black and white paint just color in. Use the black paint to give the troll nice big nostrils too.
⦁ Finish your troll by gluing on snips of wool or shredded paper on the head and eyebrows.

And all that’s left is to play, play, play and create new and exciting Frozen/Maelstrom story lines for the entire playroom population to enjoy!

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