Halloween Earrings and Jewelry at Disney Parks, great for the season!


As you know, Halloween decorations and such are in full swing at Disney, especially the Magic Kingdom. One of the most favorite Disney symbols in the Fall are Mickey Pumpkins. They are all over the light posts up and down Main Street USA, and people love them, myself included. Did you know you can get earrings with these cute Mickey Pumpkins on them? Well, you sure can. Yesterday at World of Disney, Downtown Disney Marketplace, they had a whole display that featured Mickey Pumpkin earrings in a few different styles. The prices ranged from $7.95 through $10.95. They have metal pumpkins, and well as ones made of resin that look like a little picture. Very cute. You can also find Halloween themed bracelets and necklaces with purple witch hats on them. I’ll keep my eyes open for more cute additions, it’s fun to see what’s out there!

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