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Happy Wednesday Main Streeters! Time for our weekly check in on what’s been happening in our lives down here in sunny (or rainy lately) Florida! Lets get right to it!

Well, we haven’t been out and about as much due to rainy weather. Sure, it usually rains a bit in Florida, but this past week and a half it has been ridiculous. Now that we’re locals, we check the forecast and if it looks like rain, we just stay home or find something else to do, rather than go to a park with our ponchos. When we have gone out, it seems like we’ve been visiting Epcot a lot. We go in spurts, it was Magic Kingdom, then Hollywood Studios that we frequented, and now it’s Epcot’s turn! The food booths are all up around World Showcase, they’re getting ready for the upcoming Food and Wine Festival. This will be our first season here to enjoy the festival, and I’m really looking forward to it. I also seem to have a new appreciation for World Showcase. There is more to do and see there than I realized. The kids are doing the Kid-Cot stamp thing, and we’re checking our more of the shops and sites. We also discovered the Hi-Chew candy at the store in Japan, and oh my it’s good (try the green apple). It’s been a “whole new world” on some levels, just trying things that we haven’t done before. Speaking of….

A week from today, my parents will be in town! I can’t tell you how excited I am to have them here in Florida finally. I haven’t seen my Mom and Dad since June 20th. I have never in my life gone that long without seeing them, and I miss them terribly. They are spending a week here, and have given me the go ahead to play “tour guide” and show them around. My Dad hasn’t been to Disney in over 20 years, and for my Mom it’s been around 11 years. There is so much I want to show them…. the kids keep singing “I can show you the world” when we mention Grandma and Papa’s trip! So, what do we do? They only have a week here, and I know it will go by fast. They want to go to the beach, my Dad loves the ocean. Mom loves her some Jimmy Buffet so we may have to hit City Walk and go to Margaritaville too. As for Disney…. I’m thinking Epcot and Magic Kingdom. I know there are aspects of both parks that they will enjoy, and now that I’m so familiar with going there all the time, it will be really easy for me to do the tour guide thing. I want them to see how much things have changed, and how truly magical it all is. I know they would enjoy the classics like the Haunted Mansion, as well as something with a newer feel like Soarin. I can’t wait. They are going to be exhausted once I’m done with them, they’ll be needing to go back to Michigan just to get some rest! Kidding….. sort of.

So, next week we’ll be with family and I am so happy about that. While I love being surrounded by the magic here in Florida, I do miss the comforts of home as well. I’ve been feeling a little stressed and tired, and I think a visit from family is just what I need, I can’t wait! That’s it from rainy Florida for this week. As always I thank you so much for reading and following along with us on our journey. Until next week, see ya real soon! ~M


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