Rapunzel Hair Clip Organizer ~ Cute Craft Idea

September 9, 2014



Photo courtesy of Disney Family

By Janel Adani
Tangled is by far one of my favorite Disney movies. I love Rapunzel and her story of breaking free from the tower and going on a funny adventure with the handsome thief Flynn Rider. And who doesn’t love her long luxurious hair?. Well Mother Gothel did and that didn’t go very well for her.
Well, I was visiting the Disney Family site and came across this great idea for a hair clip organizer. Between 2 girls, there’s a lot of hair clips lying around the house. Every time one of the girls wants to put something in their hair, they are searching through a giant bin trying to find the clip they want or finding the match. When I saw this, I thought what better way to keep things organized and it looks adorable too. The girls in my home share a bathroom and this would look super cute on the wall in there or even in their bedrooms.
Photos and craft idea is courtesy of Disney Family

Yellow worsted-weight yarn
4-inch embroidery hoop

What to Do
⦁ Measure and cut 42 (3-yard) strands of the yarn. Tie a short piece of yarn around the center of the strands to bundle them.
⦁ Lay the center of the bundle on the inner ring of a 4-inch embroidery hoop, spreading out the yarn so that it covers most of the ring (A).
⦁ Fit the loosened outer ring over the inner ring to secure the yarn (B), and tighten the hoop’s screw.
⦁ Flip the hoop over and let the yarn cascade over the hoop, hiding it (C). Braid the entire length of the yarn. Tie ribbons around the yarn at the base of the hoop and the end of the braid. Hang the hoop from its tightening screw and add your hair accessories.



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