Get the Behind-The-Scenes Story of Elsa’s Hair

September 7, 2014 , , ,

From the Disney Style blog. If you missed the Frozen special that was on ABC a few nights ago, here is a clip from the show in regards to how they brought Elsa’s hair to life.

If we had to pick our favorite part of Frozen (which is really difficult for us to do), it would have to be Elsa’s magical transformation during her song “Let It Go.” Not only has the song become a phenomenon in its own right, that scene is one of the most powerful, and inspiring sequences of a Disney film. As Elsa finally lets go of her fears and the past, she truly puts some meaning behind the phrase “letting your hair down.”


Have you ever wondered how the Disney animators transformed her tightly wound bun into that signature, beautiful long braid? Watch as Wayne Unten (animator supervisor for Elsa), Brittney Lee (visual development artist) and Idina Menzel (voice of Elsa) explain how they went about creating Elsa’s hair and how this style change adds to the significance of “Let It Go.”



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