Disney Planes DIY Mini Clothespin Airplanes ~ By Janel Adani

September 5, 2014 ,


By Janel Adani

My little boy, Aidan (3), absolutely loves the movie Planes. He’s seen both movies and loved them both. Like most little boys, he loves to play with any kind of mode of transportation. At any given moment in the day, you will find my son playing by himself with his planes, trains and automobiles.

This boy stuff is all new to me. My two older children are girls, so I’m used to playing Barbie’s and having tea parties. So all of my previous crafting knowledge has been about girly things. Well now that Aidan is old enough to start participating in crafts, I found it fitting to start looking for some boy crafts. I saw this on Pinterest and thought Aidan would love to do this one.

Aidan and I decided to give this a try. I went ahead and did the constructing of the plane and then he was in charge of painting. He had such a good time painting these and now he’s having a blast playing with them. I hope you and your little ones have just as much fun!


⦁ Small clothespins
⦁ Popsicle sticks
⦁ Glue/glue gun
⦁ Craft paint



⦁ Break off the ends of a popsicle stick.
⦁ Glue the ends of the popsicle stick together with a hot glue gun.
⦁ Glue around the center and insert into the front of the clothespin.
⦁ Let dry, then paint mini clothespin airplanes to match Disney Planes or whatever other colors you like!

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