Disney Questions We Need Answered, Part Two

September 2, 2014 ,

Finally, the Oh My Disney blog has put out the 2nd edition of Disney Questions we need answers to.  The first one was done back in April.  If you missed it or forget it, you can go HERE to read it again.

It has been confirmed that we analyze Disney movies too much. We didn’t choose the Disney life, the Disney life chose us! After our first round of Disney questions we need answered, we watched Disney movies a billion more times and pondered a few more preguntas (or questions).

Is there a library of the books from the beginning of Disney movies?


Because that is definitely a library we’d like to visit. Could we check them out? Maybe have a magic Disney library card? That would be awesome. Belle would be in there all the time.

Is true love’s kiss REALLY the only way to know you’re in love?


We’re not really expected to kiss every cute prince we meet are we? It might be good to, you know, get to know a guy before we declare our love for him. Plus we’d end up kissing too many Gastons of the world before we found our own Prince Charming.

Was Chip always called “Chip,” or did he get that nickname after turning into a teacup?


That also begs the question, was he chipped AFTER he became a teacup? Was there a freak tea accident where Beast accidentally dropped him? We all know that the Beast isn’t very good with silverware, so it’s safe to assume that he’s bad with teacups too.

Did Aurora and Snow White have any dreams while they were sleeping?


They were both asleep for a good amount of time. They must have hit the point of REM sleep when dreams occur. If they were dreaming, be it about their princes, true love, or Dole Whip, we can at least sleep well knowing they were dreaming of a wish their heart made.

Where did Charles Muntz get all the dog food?


With so many dogs running all over the place looking for Kevin, they’re sure to work up a hefty, happy appetite. Do the dogs forage for food or did Charles Muntz stock up on bags of dog food? That must have weighed down the Spirit of Adventure.

How does Mulan take off her makeup so easily?


She’s wearing a TON of makeup and it only takes two swipes of her sleeve to take it off! How is that possible?! Maybe a makeup-removing ancestor was watching over her. That has to be it. If only we had a makeup-removing ancestor. It took some serious scrubbing to get our Cinderella-Inspired Makeup off.

What happens if Rapunzel gets split ends?


If you brush your hair that much and you run around using your hair as a pulley system, you’re going to get split ends. If Rapunzel trimmed the ends, would she lose her magic powers? What if she got split ends after she’s rocking the cute brunette bob? Would it never ever ever grow back? Rapunzel must have some enchanted conditioner. It’s the only explanation for her flawless follicles.

What’s a Disney question you need answered?

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