Disney’s Frozen Blizzard in a Jar ~ Craft Idea

August 29, 2014


Disney’s Frozen Blizzard in a Jar ~ By Janel Adani

Well being that Frozen is so big in my house right now; I thought I would go on a hunt for some fun Frozen crafts to do with my kiddos. This one immediately caught my eye when I was scrolling through Pinterest. It looks like it is super simple to make with my 3 year old and could provide hours of fun for him and his older sisters.

I found this craft on The Country Chic Cottage (all photos are courtesy of them). The supply list contains items that you may already have in your craft bin at home. I personally have everything but the jar, so I will have to ask my friend for one of her old baby food jars. Don’t worry, if you don’t have an old jar on hand, you can find one at your local craft store or ask a neighbor.


⦁ Small glass jar with lid
⦁ Assorted blue tissue paper
⦁ Scissors
⦁ Blue Glitter


1. Begin by snipping your tissue paper into small pieces. You can tear these by hand if you wish.
2. Toss the tissue paper in the jar. Add a generous amount of blue glitter. You can use various shades of blue if you wish for more variety and depth to the jar.
3. Place the lid back on the jar. Make sure it is on nice and tight.
4. Give the jar a good shake. If you wish for the glitter to stick to the sides of the jar, add a drop or two of water before you shake.


That’s it! Super simple, right? Sometimes it’s the simple things that are the most fun. I was thinking about this and maybe you don’t have a Frozen fan in the house, this craft could work with many different colors. Maybe a Halloween theme? Purple glitter with black streamers or maybe a Christmas theme? The possibilities are endless. Have fun and enjoy!

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