Disney Stroller Parking, Tips and Info by Janel Adani

August 29, 2014


Stroller Parking, Tips and Info by Janel Adani

As a seasoned Walt Disney World Annual Passholder and a mother of 3, I know a lot about stroller parking. I have been parking my stroller at Walt Disney World for over 13 years. If you are a first time visitor to Walt Disney World, you will want to know the ins and outs of stroller parking. You would think it’s simple, right? Just park the stroller and jump on a ride, right? Yeah… no! If you just leave your stroller wherever you want, then there is a good chance after you get off the ride it’s not going to be there.

Disney has created stroller parking for a reason. They have so many strollers in the park that if we all just parked our strollers wherever we wanted, people would be tripping all over them. Stroller parking is usually within close proximity to the ride. Most of them are very easy to locate, but sometimes they may be harder to find. Look for a stroller parking sign. Here’s a hint, look for a parking area with a ton of neatly lined strollers, but just verify it is stroller parking before leaving your stroller.


Now, if you leave your stroller in stroller parking, you should be able to easily locate your stroller after the ride. I always joke that sometimes the Cast Members like to play tricks on me because I will park my stroller in stroller parking, but then come back and my stroller would be moved. Don’t worry if your stroller is not in the exact spot you left it in stroller parking, there are attendants constantly moving strollers to make room for more strollers coming in. A good idea is to put something on your stroller that differentiates it from other strollers and makes it easier to locate. I like to put my TMSM sign on my stroller. Disclaimer: Please Do Not Leave Your Child in the Stroller Unattended!


If you see a sign that says No Stroller Parking, please don’t park there. Disney wants all of their guests to be safe. I know sometimes you don’t want to take the extra moment to head over to stroller parking because you are late for a fast pass or are in some kind of hurry, but I guarantee you that if you leave it in the wrong place, most likely it will not be there when you get back.

Oh, and here’s one more tip with parking your stroller. If you have any kind of snacks, like uncovered popcorn or any other kind of delicious treat that’s not covered, don’t leave it in your stroller unattended. The birds and squirrels will be most likely snacking on it while you are gone!

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