TMSM’s Adventures in Florida Living ~ Week 9, The Beach & Back to School


It’s Wednesday night Main Streeters! Time for our weekly Florida living update! I didn’t think there was much to report this week, but after looking at the pictures on my phone, I see that I was wrong! We haven’t done a ton of park time, the weather was really rainy last week, then Saturday the Magic Kingdom was packed, so much so that we didn’t stay there. The family and I did another round of Frozen fireworks though, which was fun. I also got my little guy to try Rock N Roller Coaster again, then bribed him with ice cream if he’d just give it a go. He did, we all got ice cream, so it worked out! Being that school was getting ready to start, I wanted to do something extra, something we hadn’t done yet. So, on Sunday we took a ride out to the coast and went to Cocoa Beach. We have been here for two months and I hadn’t seen the ocean yet, it had been years! I finally got my way, and we spent the day on the beach. As a bonus, we saw one of the Disney Cruise Ships docked in Port Canaveral on the way into town too! I had forgotten just how beautiful the beaches are in Florida. The boys were hesitant at first, they were scared of the ocean. Too many shark movies on tv I think. When we were walking up, the man passing us said “Hey, have you heard of Shark Week?” to the boys, that didn’t help! Regardless, they went in the ocean anyhow, so did I. We sat and played in the waves, I had so much sand in my bathing suit at the end of the day, I could have build my own castle! When it was time to go, they were actually disappointed, I don’t think they expected to have such a good time. Afterwards, we dried off and went in to Ron Jon’s Surf Shop. It’s huge, and the merchandise is actually affordable. Beach day was a success, we’ll be doing that again soon!



The next day was back to school day. Luckily, the kids were worn out from the beach so they didn’t fight me on going to bed earlier for school. I was so nervous, sending them to a new school. I actually was more nervous than they were. But, all in all, they did fine. We’re only on day 3, so I have to give it time. The schools down here are much different than in Michigan, so we’re adjusting to the way they do things here. There’s really hot temperatures this week though, I really wish the kids were home to swim or hit a water park, but reality has set in and that’s not an option. I miss them during the day. I wish I was one of those parents sometimes, the ones that do a happy dance when the kids are in school, but I’ve never been that way. Gosh, especially now here in Florida, there is so much to do with them. It’s all good though, we’re rolling with the changes just fine.

This Friday is the next TMSM Mini Meet Up at Hollywood Studios. I’m looking forward to hanging out with and meeting new Main Streeters. The one last month at Epcot was a blast, I hope this one is equally as fun. I chose the Studios this time because the Frozen festivities are allegedly only around a little bit longer, so I thought it was a good idea. Not sure who’s seen it all and who hasn’t. Should be fun! I’ll be sure to report on how the evening went so stay tuned. That’s it for this weeks adventures. Thanks as always for reading! Until next week, see ya real soon! ~M

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