Get the Gear You Need to Complete Your Look for ‘Legends of Frontierland: Gold Rush!’ at Disneyland Park

Have you participated in “Legends of Frontierland: Gold Rush” at Disneyland Park yet?  Did you dress the part?  Michelle Harker, Manager, Merchandise Marketing & Communications, Disneyland Resort put out some advice on how to fit in with the Frontierland Folk.

Howdy pardners, High Roller Harker here! As you probably saw from the recent “Legends of Frontierland: Gold Rush!” video, featuring Eagle Eye Erin and Two Bit Tyler, there is a feud happening out here in the wild west, between the citizens of Frontierland and Rainbow Ridge. The Frontierland folk don’t take kindly to those Rainbow Ridgers trying to take their land. If you’re going to join the story before “Legends of Frontierland: Gold Rush!” ends its test run on September 1, here are a few essentials you can pick up to help you fit in and stand out from the rest.


  • Cowboy Hats – This handy wear will not only keep you cool, but it will make you look cool, too. It’s a must for any town folk ‘round these parts.
  • Mustaches & Bandanas – These doo-dads work well as a disguise or to show off your town colors with pride.
  • Money Pouches – These simple pouches are great for holding and collecting bits, gold and bonds.


Now ladies, just because you are on the wild frontier doesn’t mean you can’t still look good. Glam it up with feathers and choose a boa, headband or fan, and if that’s not enough, add a velvet necklace for a little somethin’ extra. As you can see from the picture above, I couldn’t resist.

Mosey on in to Pioneer Mercantile or Bonanza Outfitters today!

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