Creative Fries at Golden Oak Outpost in Magic Kingdom Park

Pam Brandon, Disney Parks Food Writer, put out this blog about the creative fries at the Golden Oak Outpost in the Magic Kingdom.  I remember years ago, this station actually sold McDonald’s french fries.  Since we have been here, I have never even looked at the menu to see what items were on it.  Usually i’m going through that area on my way to Pirates of the Caribbean.  The next time I’m in the Magic Kingdom I will be trying one of these creations.

Golden Oak Outpost, the unassuming little spot in Frontierland at Magic Kingdom Park, used to be a perfect quick stop for a spicy fried chicken breast sandwich or chicken breast nuggets. Now they’ve added a whole new menu of creative waffle fries with toppings that make the humble potato a meal.



How about BLT waffle fries, topped with bacon, lettuce, tomato and a drizzle of Ranch dressing? Or the BBQ pork waffles fries topped with pork and creamy slaw. Our favorite combo is the Tex-Mex creation, topped with black bean-cucumber relish, warm Cheddar cheese sauce and spicy jalapeño slices. And an ode to Canadian fast food is the “poutine-style” fries, topped with brown gravy and white Cheddar cheese.


If you’re looking for something a little less adventurous, they’ve added hot, crunchy sweet potato nuggets.

If you’ve tried the new waffle fries, do you have a favorite?

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